Help me create character base adress scanner?!

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Help me create character base adress scanner?!

Post by anl93 »

Hello i'm learning how to make a table and i already made a table for Eador GEnesis game which's table i uploaded here.

Now i want to make a chracter base adress scanner that gets the adress of selected character.
So i don't have to find adresses for each character.

All of my adresses in my example game here is Static. There is no dynamic adress.
I will share my table.

If you can help me create one, guide me or show me tutorial video about this i will appreciate it.

Game: Fire emblem 12 (Nintendo DS game)
Emulator: Desmume (any version will do)

As i said i dont want to find adresses each time for every different character. I already found for two.
I want a adress scanner (aob scanner whatever you call it)

Again thank you.
exmp: aob scanner-No need to perfect like this
(125.52 KiB) Downloaded 225 times
fire emblem 12.CT
my table
(43.52 KiB) Downloaded 179 times

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Re: Help me create character base adress scanner?!

Post by GreenHouse »

Just take as an example the Thea table.

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