D: The Hell

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D: The Hell

Post by STN » Thu May 11, 2017 3:46 pm

**UPDATE** (10/14/13)
This table works for The Hell Mod version 1.176e, which is the current version as of this date, but with some apparent issues. I have noted some of them in my most recent reply to this thread. I have encountered some instances where the game crashes while using this table with the latest version of The Hell Mod. Use at your own risk.

Made by jeb

**UPDATED** (7/30/12)
I happened upon the gold pointer by accident, so this 1.127c is the final release for this version, and thus becomes a complete basic table. I'll now focus my efforts on a trainer, however, there is no immediate timetable for one to be released.

**UPDATED** (7/29/12)
I remade my table to work with DTH 1.127c (the current version as of this update). I did not add base attributes, as they are buggy as hell (please read below). I used a different method this time to find the pointers, which was faster for me and hopefully better for you. Please keep in mind I am not a hacker, I read the same tutorials available to newbies and simply followed them to make this table. I welcome someone to do better if you can. I still cannot find the pointer for gold, though I will continue to search. I will also release a rudimentary trainer soon (I'd like to at least find the pointer for gold and that will be sufficient for a trainer IMO).

This table, v1.127c, was released 7/29/12 and updated 7/30/12, it supports the following:

Experience Points
Skill Points
Strength (Buff Only)
Magic (Buff Only)
Dexterity (Buff Only)
Vitality (Buff Only)

Please read below for information and limitations for this table.

Gold is pretty straight forward. Set the value to 100000 and freeze it. This will only work on one stack in your inventory, but of course having multiple stacks are no longer necessary.

I'm still experimenting with how hacking the Experience Points works, but here are my current findings. You can obviously set your experience points to whatever you wish, BUT if you set it too high you'll likely level too quickly (as in skip levels and possibly jump from 1 to 50 immediately). For Horror difficulty, do NOT level over 30 (I'd even say stop at 29 to be safe); on Purgatory stop at 45 (Again, I would say 44, but I have not tested the limit for this difficulty yet). There is a bug if you level your character too fast, that is go beyond these limits on their respective difficulty, in which even a weak mob will hit you for over 1/3 of your health. You can either freeze the xp at that levels required xp, or just increase the xp to 999999999 manually at each level. I've yet to find any bugs with leveling this way, so you can safely do it, but I would suggest only leveling to 29 on horror, that way you can continue to play on that difficulty, and to level 44 on purgatory for the same reason. You can also go to The Hell wiki and find the xp requirements for your intended level and freeze it there, this I think would be optimal.

Skill Points work oddly, in that if you freeze the value at 99 (or whatever you set), then when you level it will simply revert to around 7-9 no matter what you enter. There are two approaches to leveling I would suggest. The first involves leveling one level at a time then changing the values of your skill points to the 7-9 and spend them, or you can wait until level 29 (for Horror difficulty) and 44 (for Purgatory difficulty) then increase your skill points. I'd choose the latter option as when you change the value of your skill points at these respective levels it will be closer to 500, thus allowing you to max all your skills. By choosing these levels it would still allow you to play on these difficulties but with more skill points, but, you can do it however you want.

Base stats have NOT been added to this table. I found odd behavior with base stats with my first cheat table where if you changed them, they wouldn't max out for some reason and then other things go haywire. For instance, your health and mana will go into the negatives and your character will disappear (at least once you enter a dungeon, and thus requiring a complete restart of the game.

The buff stats work partly. They can be changed to 750 (seems to be the highest they will go, if you type in 999 or higher, it will just revert to 750), and you do see some effect from this buff (I've found your character can dodge a lot better, your health and mana regen fast, and some of the numbers on your character menu do change, thought you will not attack for more damage with weapons or magic), but it is not a huge change in how your character behaves.
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