MechCommander 2

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MechCommander 2

Post by STN » Wed Apr 12, 2017 3:32 pm

Made by Csimbi

Following MCGold, it was time to pull this one out from the closet.
Works fine on Windows 7 x64 like so:
- disable hardware mouse
- delete .CSV files with video card data

There's a single AOB script included, which will provide you with the following:
- Minimum CBills; no comment.
- Team Weight Limit mod; so you can scale the team weight limit (a.k.a. drop weight) for each mission.
- Infinite ammo; in case you turned it off in the menu.
- Friendly damage mod; Scales damage dealt to units on the same team; set to 0 for god mode. For armour only.
- Non-friendly damage mod; Scales damage dealt to units not on the same team; set to 100 for instant kills. For armour only.
- Min. Resource Points; for your infinite salvaging needs.

I don't think I'll be adding more.
Completed the MCO table.
Moving on to the MC2X series.
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