Use AoB to find base address

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Re: Use AoB to find base address

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I found a somewhat unorthodox solution for my problem, thought I'd share it with everyone here since you've been so kind as to help me. Special thanks to Blayde for not getting tired of my sh*it :D

Script 1 decrypts gold for everyone and sets it to 100. Disable the script again and let your enemies change their gold (which happens all the time) while keeping yours at 100. By activating script 2 everyone with 100 gold (which should be you alone) gets 1.000.000.

Please note that setting gold to 100 with script 1 is NOT the same as simply spending money until you reach 100 as internally this value will be encrypted. That's why it's important to keep your gold the same after deactivating script 1 (the second you change it, the encryption runs and the compare from script 2 won't work anymore)

Currently the hotkeys are ctrl+1 and ctrl+2, so you don't have to get out of the game, but feel free to alter.
Thanks guys, I've been trying on this for 20 hours if I can believe steam, so it feels good to have a solution, even if it's patchwork :)
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Re: Use AoB to find base address

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i am sure it's shared code
maybe you can see the tutorial of step 9

1st solution register compare
2nd compare the [palyebase]

good lucy to you

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