BioShock 1 Remastered

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BioShock 1 Remastered

Post by STN » Sat Apr 08, 2017 3:25 pm

EDIT: Updated table can be found in second post below Wink


Hello folks.

Having studied the UObjects via Unreal Explorer, I found the following:

1. The cheats of interest are in Engine.U file, in CheatManager UObject.

2. There are several protected functions (they look like that at first; I'll explain why), like for example God:

exec function God()
if( IsCensoredContent() )
AssertWithDescription( false, "BUG THIS: Attempted to execute function 'God', but that command is disabled in the CENSORED version." );
if ( bGodMode )
bGodMode = false;
ClientMessage( "God mode off" );

bGodMode = true;
ClientMessage( "God Mode on" );

Looking at the above code, game checks via IsCensoredContent() whether or not the target "God" UFunction should execute.

Going at it a bit in-depth reveals that IsCensoredContent() function (found in Core.U file, under Object/Functions tree) calls in a native function: IsCensoredContentNative(). This latter one does absolutely nothing but return:

function bool IsCensoredContent()
return IsCensoredContentNative();

// Export UObject::execIsCensoredContentNative( FFrame&, void* const )
native static final function bool IsCensoredContentNative();

out bool ReturnValue

3. Checking Console UObject shows the following:

function bool KeyEvent( EInputKey Key, EInputAction Action, FLOAT Delta )
if( Action!=IST_Press )
return false;
else if( Key==ConsoleKey && !IsInState( 'Typing' ) && bAllowConsole )
GotoState( 'Typing' );
return true;
return false;

The only check to allow console to open are the 3 concurrent conditions: to press ConsoleKey, not to be in 'Typing' state (which we're clearly not) and bAllowConsole BOOL to be 0.

4. Going into game folder (\BioShock Remastered\Build\Final) and looking for ConsoleKey inside Default.ini returns this:


And MSDN says the following:

Quote: ... s.85).aspx

VK_TAB - 0x09

So, ConsoleKey = TAB Smile

5. To be able to bring up the console, one more bit is required: add -allowconsole to game shortcut's launch parameters. If you have Steam version, right-click -> Properties -> Set Launch Options.

Long story short, the result is depicted below:


And the list of cheat commands:

function ReviewJumpSpots(name TestLabel)
function ListDynamicActors()
function FreezeFrame(float Delay)
function WriteToLog()
function SetFlash(float F)
function SetFogR(float F)
function SetFogG(float F)
function SetFogB(float F)
function KillViewedActor()
function LogScriptedSequences()
function Teleport()
function ChangeSize( float F )
function LockCamera()
function SetCameraDist( float F )
function EndPath()
function FreeCamera( bool B )
function CauseEvent( name EventName )
function Amphibious()
function Fly()
function Walk()
function Ghost()
function Invisible(bool B)
function God()
function SloMo( float T )
function SetJumpZ( float F )
function SetGravity( float F )
function SetSpeed( float F )
function KillAll(class<actor> aClass)
function KillPawns()
function Avatar( string ClassName )
function Summon( string ClassName )
function PlayersOnly()
function CheatView( class<actor> aClass, optional bool bQuiet )
function RememberSpot()
function ViewSelf(optional bool bQuiet)
function ViewPlayer( string S )
function ViewActor( name ActorName)
function ViewFlag()
function ViewBot()
function ViewClass( class<actor> aClass, optional bool bQuiet, optional bool bCheat )
function SetMessageLOD(name MessageType, byte LOD)
function PlayMovie(name MovieName)
function StopMovie(name MovieName)
function HideMovie(name MovieName)
function UnhideMovie(name MovieName)
function HideAllMovies()
function UnhideAllMovies()
function ResetFlashRes()
function DebugEffects()
function SendMessageTest( int id )
function EditAtFocus()
function EditObjectAtCrosshair()
function ShowTextureResolution()
function ColorActors()
function ShowSpawnZone()
function ShowMapUIRegions()
function ShowLayerCount()
function ShowDebugZone()
function ShowRenderCost()
function ShowObjectCost()
function ShowColors()
function ShowMVT()
function WTF()
function WTFStream()
function ShowPerformance()
function ShowFocus()
function ShowNone()
function WTFScene()
function ShowScenePerformance()
function StreamLow()
function TakeHavokSnapshot( string path )
function KillRumble()
function EnableRumble()
function DisableRumble()
function WhereAmI()
function DumpFluidVolumes()


P.S. #1: Since this information is not posted anywhere - and it will get leeched fast - remember where you've first seen it and give credit accordingly.

P.S. #2: I've not checked the game from 2007, if the IsCensoredContent() function exists there.

P.S. #3: Console doesn't show up at main menu. So, if you press TAB key, you won't be able to click (you can highlight) any menu option. If you've done that, hit Enter or Escape key to exit the console. It's basically behind the GUI Smile

P.S. #4: I tried changing key code in the .ini file, but 0xC0 (192 for Tilde) didn't work.

Have been studying the UE code behind this game for a while. Finally started putting together some scripts. Note that it's an early stage of it, as my aim here is to create the Cheat Handler you've seen in other UE3 titles.


Unlimited Health

° Activating the script does two things:

a. Will check if Pawn receiving the damage is you (let's call it myPawn). If so, it will use game engine's own function (that takes in two parameters) to update Health to Max Health. Then it will set damage being dealt to myPawn to 0.


b. If not myPawn, it will check if the entity dealing the damage to current enemyPawn is you. If so, it will make use of DamageMultiplier to boost damage dealt. You can use this option as a one hit kill option, if you set multiplier to a high value (10 onward).

Unlimited Eve

° Will simply use game's own update function (takes in 1 parameter) to set Eve to Max Eve, then set amount to be depleted when using plasmids to 0.

In the [Debug] section you will also find the following:

° God is already taken care of through the Unlimited Health script. Change value to 0x13 to get it activated.

° BehindView will change view to 3rd person if value is changed to 0x2C. You'll have to set it back to 0x4 to return to 1st person view. Honestly, you won't see anything but floating hands.

° Slomo can be used to accelerate/decelerate game time. Default value is 1.

° PlayersOnly will freeze game world allowing only your player to move. I think you can fire just one time before the weapon sub-system gets locked as well. Default value is 0x4. To activate it change value to 0xC.

° WallHack is supposed to be used together with Fly, but I haven't implemented that yet. Simply put, if you enable this feature, you can walk through walls, but will also fall through floors. At your own risk, to activate it change first byte to 0x70 (from 0x7F) -> 0080A37F to 0080A370 in above screenshot with options.

° Max Wallet lets you change the maximum you can carry. Note my value is already set at 9999.

In Pawn sub-section you can alter your XYZ coordinates, if need be, as well as getting - sort of - unlimited ammo.

The Clip - No Decrease Switch option points to a BOOL that freezes depletion of your current clip. Select the weapon you want to use, then press Numpad 7 in-game to lock clip depletion - it will set value to 2. Note you can't change ammo type while this is active, even though you can press middle mouse wheel to cycle types.


- select weapon
- press Numpad 7
- use it with no clip depletion
- wanna change ammo type? press Numpad 9 to disable, setting value back to 1
- select ammo type, reload if you want
- press Numpad 7 again
- happy trails

The above has to be done for each weapon you want to use, with each map or game load, as engine reallocates weapon (and other) structures and values get set back to defaults when that happens.

If you want to change hotkeys, right-click on 'Clip - No Decrease Switch' line, then 'Set/Change hotkeys' and set your own.


Made by Sunbeam
Chris[BMTO] wrote:
Sunbeam - I've tried to use this but clicking enable does nothing. I'm using the Steam version of Bioshock Remastered (not sure if there's any other version, but wanted to clarify).

You need to change the name of the executable file in the script. Right click on enable and select change script. There are three places where it has"Bioshock.exe" and needs to change that too "BioshockHD.exe" without the quotation marks of course. Or you can just download this already modified cheat table.

Edit: It seems that their were other scripts in this table that needed to be fixed as well. Here is an updated version that should be completely fixed.
Modified by BigPope
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Re: BioShock 1 Remastered

Post by Csimbi » Sun Dec 24, 2017 9:09 pm

I just started with this game.
Here's a script I put together for Bioshock Remastered v1.0.122972 on Steam.
The script can provide a number of things:
- God mode
- Infinite Eve; does not cover drain due to alcohol consumption
- Move speed mod
- Jump height mod
- No spread; shotgun seems to be using a different code, so that's not covered.
- Fire rate mod; for people with itchy trigger finger. Warning: The shotgun stops firing when the fire rate is too high. You can get away with 5x speed until you buy its fire rate upgrade.
- Recoil mod
- Infinite items; this covers in general all items you 'use'. Autohack tools, ammo in inventory, camera film. Note: it does not come with filtering, so far I have not seen side effects. If things are not working correctly, this might be the reason. Warning: disable this when picking up Lot 192 because it's supposed to be consumed - if you don't, you won't be able to pick up the next and you will be stuck.
- Pointers to Dollars, Adam, Eve and MaxEve.


I wonder how long will it take for the wannabes to steal this.

Update #1
- Player Ignorance; this basically makes enemies more or less completely blind to the player. They might still pick up your trace but they won't fire at you it seems ;-)
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Re: BioShock 1 Remastered

Post by Csimbi » Mon Dec 25, 2017 12:23 pm

Update 1 posted.

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