android cheat engine alternative

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android cheat engine alternative

Post by janek »

hi guys!

i need all of you adive find a android cheat engine alternative, one works without rooting android 10! thanks!

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Re: android cheat engine alternative

Post by Eric »

for ce alternatives:
option 1:
get a game's APK
unpack it
add ceserver .so version to it
edit the binary to make it load the
repack the game
run that

option 2:
Run an android emulator that has been rooted inside your android device (Slow as you're not rooted so can't use hypervisor instructions)

Or just edit the .apk and build in cheats like that

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Re: android cheat engine alternative

Post by GreenHouse »

There's no APK that does that without rooting. It's just not possible. But if you still don't want or can't root, you can do this: [Link]
It still has its limitations. If you're interested, read that post, and watch the video tutorial.

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