[Steam] Monster Hunter World (Compendium)

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[Steam] Monster Hunter World (Compendium)

Post by Marcus101RR » Mon Jul 29, 2019 6:38 pm

Revision: 167796 Monster Hunter World (Compendium Edition)
Previous Threads
JessieKazama | Squall8 | Seikur0
Information & Status
As you may already know the previous table creators are no longer maintaining their releases, in as such the threads were closed or abandoned. In the event that this happens again, I have created the Compendium for this game. It will link to older threads with old tables (no updates). However this thread will update regarding any releases. If anyone releases a script or updates an old one, I will add it to the table and consider it maintained and supported!

A few rules, please make sure to define what Revision it was last tested on. Include the Blue Inject Code so that we can relocate the code with Assembly Search if the sequence has moved a few offsets, or please use AOB as this will most likely not change as often as a definitive offset from the executable.

Requests are allowed, but don't expect anyone to do them. Cheats are not to be used online, or at least use them in your PRIVATE session.
MCK Pointer TableShow
MCK Edition (Pointer Table)
- Expedition Editor (Use World Map)
- Charm Editor
- Bypass Player Limit (Special Quests/Arena Bypass)
- Investigation Editor
- Max Attempts
- Augments Editor (View Equipment)
- Set Item Max
- Pointers for Params (Parameter Files)

- Kulve Taroth Seige Pointers
Update LogShow
Update Revision 166925
- MonsterHunterWorld.exe+3B4AA40 -> MonsterHunterWorld.exe+3B49780 (OFFSET -12C0)

Update Revision 167353
- (Params) MonsterHunterWorld.exe+3B49780 -> MonsterHunterWorld.exe+3B5ED50 (OFFSET -155D0)
- (Player Data) MonsterHunterWorld.exe+3B4A8E8 -> MonsterHunterWorld.exe+03B5FEC8 (OFFSET -155E0)

Update Revision 167541
- (Params) MonsterHunterWorld.exe+03B5ED50 -> MonsterHunterWorld.exe+03BDDCB0 (OFFSET +7EF60)
- (Player Data) MonsterHunterWorld.exe+03B5FF08 -> MonsterHunterWorld.exe+03BDEE98 (OFFSET +7EF90)
- (Player Buffs) MonsterHunterWorld.exe+03B4A928 -> MonsterHunterWorld.exe+03BDEE98 (OFFSET +94570)
- (ATKT Pointers) MonsterHunterWorld.exe+04853730 -> MonsterHunterWorld.exe+048D2870 (OFFSET +7F140)/color]

Update Revision 167589 (Update 1)
- (Params) No Change
- (Player Data) No Change
- Added / Fixed Kulve Taroth Pointers -> Contains Arch-Tempered Information
- Fixed Some Scripts

Update Revision 167796
- (Params) MonsterHunterWorld.exe+03BDDCB0 -> MonsterHunterWorld.exe+3BE9380 (OFFSET +B6D0)
- (Player Data) MonsterHunterWorld.exe+03BDEE98 -> MonsterHunterWorld.exe+3BEA538 (OFFSET +B6A0)
- (ATKT Pointers) MonsterHunterWorld.exe+48D2870 -> "MonsterHunterWorld.exe"+048DDF20 (OFFSET +B6B0)
MCK Edition - Kulve Taroth Pointers Fixed
(416.52 KiB) Downloaded 107 times

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