Bloons: Adventure Time TD

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Bloons: Adventure Time TD

Post by Csimbi » Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:26 am

This game is a unique take on the Bloons franchise.
If you played Bloons, you know what to expect, just with a story around it.
If you are a kid, or have kids, most of the characters should be familiar to you from the cartoons they air on TV.
I myself found the Bloons games very repetitive, hence my favourite has always been Bloons: Monkey City - that had a strategic component around it and a lot of variety.

Anyway, I took it out for a spin and it seems okay.
Not great, but interesting enough to invest a few hours into it.
I attached a table with a script, which gives you:
- Min. cash; as name suggests, it gives you a min. budget during the Simulation.
The script uses fixed offsets right now, meaning that it will most likely break in the next update.
You would do well to play offline only with the cash hack - or get yourself banned for doing so.
If you do get banned, I am curious what you did when it happened, so post it here or PM me in case you don't want it posted for everyone to see.

The game uses the CryptVarDouble class to store the cash.
CryptVarDouble is a proprietary class.
It uses a System.Byte[] to store a the byte sausage.
The byte sausage itself is 8 bytes, representing the double.
The byte sausage is continually re-encrypted using a collection of 16 random XOR keys.
That's the cash.

Max level can be found in AdventureTimePlayer.ProfileModel, while AdventureTimePlayer.ProfileModel.Resources contain Coins, Crystals and Martian Coins.
Each of these are instances of the CryptVarInt32 class.
Wish data is also part of AdventureTimePlayer.ProfileModel.Resources, but it's a bit different.
CryptVarInt32 follows the same principle as CryptVarDouble, but your byte sausage is 4 bytes.
I chose not to publish any scripts for this (and please don't ask via PM either).
The devs are providing this game for free and I don't want to rob them from the means on making some money (as these are purchasable resources).
Consider this as my way of showing my respect to the NinjaKiwis.
Enough said on this topic.

There is a CryptVarSimple class in there, too. Pretty much the same as CryptVarInt32, except the byte sausage represents a float.
I have not really found any value yet that's a float and worth hacking though - they are either doubles or ints.

That said, enjoy the cash hack while it lasts, I don't think I will be updating it...
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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Bloons: Adventure Time TD

Post by KraftCrafterMcCrafty » Sun Jul 21, 2019 10:57 pm

Any chance you could add Cosmic Essence to this list? I tried doing it your way but I couldn't get the values to stick.

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