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Interesting coop stealth horror game on Steam, looks like it is on 1.0 version right now.

It would be nice to have infinite stamina, infinite items and stealth mode.

I checked up earlier on snacks (essentially the currency in game), there are 2 values stored in 4 byte for the snack values but it seems like the real number is either encrypted or stored server side.

Haven't checked/tried out modifying stamina and health yet but I assume they are done locally/at the host computer.

As for stealth, the game doesn't seem to operate on your normal "enemy sees you bar fills up" kind of detection, at least not on the UI level. I have yet to figure out how exactly does the system work. The game however does tell you how visible and how audible you are through the UI, I might give that one a shot.

If anyone wants to take a look at this, it would be great.

Update 1: Stamina is stored in floats, topped off stamina is 12 (at level 3 on my char), I didn't use the stamina increase minor skill so here is a reference if you are looking for the number. As for stealth, I tried my idea out for the visibility meter. none of the values I locked down seem to be "real" as the indicator constantly flickers between visible and invisible. Current Stamina +40 goes to the address of Maximum Stamina. So in game, if you get caught, your maximum stamina decreases, represented by a red bar in your white stamina bar representing reduced stamina), I have only tested out the stamina system in the hideout so I can't be sure if this thing works outside the hideout.

Update 2: XP and Skill Points are stored in 2 consecutive 4 bytes. To find the two, go a group scan 4:[insert xp] 4:[insert skill point]. So, it appears you can modify it on your end, you can give yourself a bunch of skill points to unlock all the skills, but when you actually enter the level, you will be restored to your original status. I'm assuming this is also stored server side?

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