Borderlands The Pre-Sequel +13 [Steam][Version]

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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel +13 [Steam][Version]

Post by VampTY » Sat May 04, 2019 2:39 pm

CE Table for the version, i made it and is working for this version, it might work also also for the non-steam version!



There's 13 options and all have hotkeys assigned to them:

F1 (Unlimited) Life
F2 (Unlimited) Shield
F3 (Unlimited) O2
F4 (Unlimited) Ammo/Grenades
F5 (Vehicle) Moon Buggy/Stingray [Health]
F6 (Vehicle) Moon Buggy/Stingray [Energy Boost]
F7 (Vehicle) Moon Buggy [Race Timer On/Off]
F8 (Add) 1000000 Dollars
F9 (Add) 10000 Experience
F10 (Add) 100 Moonstones
F11 (Resources) [Free] Badass Tokens
F12 (Resources) [Free] Gold Keys/Slots
Pg Up/PgDn (Add/Remove) Skill Points

Details :

F1 Whatever character you'll desire to play with, will have his/her life's stamina unlimited
F2 Whatever character you'll desire to play with, will have his/her shield's stamina unlimited
F3 Whatever character you'll desire to play with, will have his/her oxigen's stamina unlimited
F4 Unlimited ammo for all weapons and grenades as well
F5 The cheat for any those two vehicles will be active (visual) once you'll ride one, so make sure to activate after that (deactivate after)
F6 Activate only if you want that energy bar to never deplete (deactivate after)
F7 There's a mission called "Pop Racing", activate the cheat to freeze/unfreeze the timer countdown (deactivate after)
F8 You can activate this whenever you want, even from 0 (will add over and over)
F9 Press the button to increase (at start, when you start/load the game) your level/skill points
F10 Whenever pressed will add 100 moonstones (500 is max), even from 0 you can add
F11 IMPORTANT : activate this cheat (you need to have at least 1 point) and smash that button to upgrade, now when you had enough you need to deactivate the cheat (don't jump while using this cheat)- don't leave this on!Only this cheat from all it shouldn't be left ON
F12 Grab the loot, no golden keys required for those boxes or money needed for those slots (deactivate after)
Pg Up/PgDn Well pressing PgUp will add 1 skill point and so on, while pressing PgDn will remove all the points in your inventory

READ - due to the last update, it's a must to use these cheats on a new game saved file with a new character, since on some old saved game file only some cheats will work, it's pretty obvious.I've added only what i've thought is needed, i didn't wanted to add more cheats since it's just a game, with more cheats it won't feel as just a game, so feel free to add other more cheats if you want to increase the table, you can merge them!!

Have a sexy day!

NOTE : Feel free to use this table to cheat and please don't upload it somewhere else or say that you made this table, have a little respect!

PS: In case you don't want pointers for life/o2, here's my script for both of them.
cmp [esi+64],(int)1
jne originalcode
jmp exit
movss [esi+6C],xmm0
jmp returnhere
jmp newmem
movss [esi+6C],xmm0
Borderlands The Pre-Sequel.CT
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