BioShock Infinite

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BioShock Infinite

Post by STN » Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:56 am

Credits: SunBeam

[ 28.04.2014 - Update #4 ]

Changes to Cheat Handler:

- God moved to Numpad 4 key.
- Invisibility - Enemies will not shoot at you. Certain automated bots will track you, though will not fire. Toggleable with Numpad 5. Note that the health bar above enemies will disappear! Haven't got the time to pursue where it gets hidden.
- Reset Awareness - hit Numpad 6 to set enemy state to idle. Combine this with Invisibility above to get calm environments and watch AI activity Very Happy
- Added ToggleHUD to Numpad * for screenshotters (removes GFX elements, vigor FX and TOGGLEHANDS). This also removes the menu when hitting Escape key, so you can easily freeze game at your convenience Wink You cannot move though - the menu is there, but doesn't cover the overlay. To resume game, hit Escape key again.

- Infinite Ammo script now fixes weapon accuracy and recoil. Also added Salt_Max to [Character] section. Script will now set Salt to Salt_Max when enabled and a vigor shot is fired.

- Added [Extras] section with: noPauseOnLossOfFocus. This disables game entering Menu mode when alt-tabbing.

[ 25.04.2014 - Update #3 ]

+ Fixed Unlimited Ammo to support newer vigors.
+ God Mode works again.
+ Changed a few offsets in the [Character] section.
+ Added HealthKits (for Elizabeth in Ep. 2) pointer.

[ 16.11.2013 - Update #2 ]

Updated Unlimited Ammo script as pattern got broken. Redownload please.

[ 25.06.2013 - Update #1 ]

+ Moved everything to a threaded handler, so dependencies are only on the hotkeys, and not madly looping hooked code.

- Removed 'dwTheWorld' reference and found that in Pawn structure, at 0x8C, I can pick up the pointer needed to grab Salt, Money, Lockpicks, etc.

- Removed the Table Extras comments.

+ Revamped keys a bit. Looking at your numeric pads, these are:


[ 09.06.2013 - First Release ]

Put up together a decent table that should last for old, present and updated versions of this game. Table contains the stuff already posted before, with additions.

I've fixed fly mode, figuring that for EPhysics.PHYS_Walk, the engine uses an initial speed vector of 0.0f in conjunction with a gravity delta value of 8.0f. For EPhysics.PHYS_Fly, it uses the already known initial speed vector of 5000.0f in conjunction with a gravity delta of 0.5f*0.03f. Adjusting 0.03f to 8.0f removed the nasty side-effect of continuously gliding when you release the keys in fly-mode Wink

To access the options, activate [Enable] script and it will reveal all hidden sub-data. Script can be activated at main menu as well.

The [Character] section contains the usual data, Health, Shield, Silver, Salt, LockPicks, Player Speed, Height, Coordinates and move vectors. To get them working, you need to be in-game (not at main menu).

The [Cheats] section contains Unreal Engine 3 cheat commands (well, their real effect). You can either manually change the values (please see the Table Extras content for this), or simply (recommended) use the [Scripts] » Cheat Handler script. Note that at main menu, only SloMo and PlayersOnly show up. You need to be in-game for the rest of the addresses to become valid.

The [Scripts] section contains 2 (for now) scripts, Infinite Ammo and Cheat Handler. The first script you already know of, it just makes unlimited out of ammo and Salt used in spells.

The Cheat Handler though works as follows:

- activate the script;

Keys are toggleable:

- SloMo -> NumPad 7, 8, 9 will set SloMo to 0.5f, 1.0f and 1.5f;
- PlayersOnly -> toggle with NumPad 1 on/off;
- Fly -> toggle with NumPad 2 on/off;
- Ghost -> toggle with NumPad 3 on/off (works ONLY with Fly active);
- God -> toggle with NumPad 4 on/off;

Why Ghost works only with Fly on? Simply because without Fly, you will disable collisions - thus if jumping, for instance, you fall off map.

The above keys can be enabled/disabled via F2 key. By default, they are enabled at script initialization, so no need to press F2 first.

As a side-note, you can enable the Cheat Handler and check the [Cheats] and [Character] sections to see what the keys' effects are Wink

The [Debug] section of the table should be used without having other scripts/portions of the table enabled.

As an addition, I've also attached the EPhysics and MoveVector.X comparisons:

- EPhysics: [ ]
- MoveVector.X: [ ]

If someone needs further explanations regarding the 2 documents above, I'll gladly assist.

Update #4 - Updated to support Burial at Sea episodes. Game version:
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Re: BioShock Infinite

Post by Csimbi » Tue Dec 19, 2017 10:37 am

I thought I would revisit this game and so I did.
Current version on Steam is v1.1.25.5165, that's what I used.
Here's a table for it.

The scripts can grant you:
- God mode
- Infinite Salt
- Infinite ammo; this includes no reload
- Dead Eye; perfect accuracy - except for the heater perhaps, that seems to use a different code I did not bother with.
- No Recoil; works for most weapons but then again, I did not both with additional code to cover everything.
- Fire Delay Mod; for people having an itchy trigger finger
- Infinite Lockpicks; meaning it does not cost lockpick to unlock anything, but you still need to have them. Note: it seems that the game has a built-in limit and you stop collecting lockpicks once you reach 30.
- Pointers to Lockpick and Coins; in case you want to change either one manually (to keep collecting or give some more).
- Move Speed Mod
- Jump Height Mod
- Auditory Alert Mod; intended for Burial At Sea Episode 2 so you can sneak easier. Set for 0 to disable it as a whole.
- Visual Alert Mod; intended for Burial At Sea Episode 2 so you can sneak easier. Set for 0 to disable it as a whole.

I am not planning to update this table anymore.
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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: BioShock Infinite

Post by ScriptedBot » Sat Sep 15, 2018 5:34 pm

Thanks Csimbi. I guess you are referring to the game exe file version. The actual game version is 1.0.1643565. This is already listed in the game's Options menu and exe file properties as product version.

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