Monster Hunter World (Steam)

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Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by Squall8 »

First off, I want to give my most gracious thanks to Lukacross for gifting me this game, as well as the Iceborne DLC, and making my work possible! I've been dying to make a cheat engine table for this game since it's release!


Inf Stamina
Inf Item Use
Inf Slinger Ammo
Max Sharpness
Inf Mantle Duration
No Mantle CD
Keep Mantle Effect After Removal
Inf Damage Taken For Vitality Mantle
No Palico Gadget CD
No CD For Igni
Easily Break Monster Parts
All Monsters Shown On Map
Max Scoutfly Level
Maxed Slots
1 Jewel Maxes Skill Level
Maxed Set Bonus
Maxed Armor Skills
Unlock Charms
Unlock Decorations
Unlock Augments
Unlock Armor/Weapons For Current Tier Level
Unlock Poogie's Outfits
Inf Lucky Vouchers
Character Pointers
GC Edits
HR Exp Multiplier
Palico Exp Multiplier
Palico Gadget Exp Multiplier
Monster Research Multiplier
Monster Research Pointers
Cannons Always Loaded
Inf Cannon Fire
Weapon Buffs
Meal Editor
Abnormal Status Buildup Multiplier
Large Monster Size Modifier
Highlighted Armor Editor
Get Bowgun Ammo Data
Ignore Crafting Requirements
Highlighted Item Pointer
Kill/Wound All Large Monsters
Set Max Map Zoom Amount
360 Degree Dragon Piercer
Go To Character Edit Screen

pox911's Scripts:
Inf Gathering

dec1337's Scripts:
Inf Barrel Placements
Unlimited Investigations

seikur0's Scripts:
selected weapon

Marcus101RR's Scripts
Max Attempts (Investigations)
Bypass Player Limit (Quests)
Item Param Static Data
Player Pointers
Charm Editor
Set Item Quantity
Change Max Carry

Berserk Knight's Scripts
Target Health + Overlay
Buffs Overlay

pox911 - For finding all Item IDs!
seikur0 - For Bypassing the anti-cheat!!
pox911 - For pointing me in the right direction for unlocking stuff!
pox911 - For the Inf Gathering script!
Idlehands88 - For making the Have All scripts!
seikur0 - For making a Highlighted Weapons Pointer!
dec1337 - For making the Inf Barrel Placement script!
dec1337 - For making the Inf Investigations script!
seikur0 - For helping me avoid collisions in the Teleport script!
Marcus101RR - For making Pointers for Item Data and Player Pointers!
Marcus101RR - For making the Charm Editor, Set Item Quantity and Change Max Carry scripts!
Resolve - For adding pointers to Monster Kill/Captures!
blarae - For adding pointers to Monster Sizes!
Berserk Knight - For mapping out some more pointers for the Buffs section!
Berserk Knight - For finding the size value that writes to GC!
Berserk Knight - For making the Health and Buff Timer Overlays!
Marcus101RR - For making the Max Attempts and Bypass Player Limit scripts!
LCHLH and Kaleina - For providing updated IDs for Layered Armor!
CoffeeKitty - For providing updated IDs for Items!
LCHLH - For updating the DDL for Decos in Equipment Data!
pox911 - For making Endemic Capture Override!
Toolsmax - For making Add Special Tracks!

Don't use any of these online. I will report you if I happen to come across someone cheating in my session!
Update History
Update 1 - Sorry for a slow update.. Added basic cheats for now. A dropdown list is included in Highlighted Item Pointer with major thanks to pox911! Inf Health looks a bit funky, but it works as intended. I'll work something better in later. I think Inf Item Use causes a crash when returning to base (basically right when the 60 second timer runs out), although I still need look into that one.

Update 2 - This game can be a dick!!! But I'm starting to get how it works. Updated Inf Health and Inf Item Use. Added many Various Weapon Buffs! Ignore Crafting Requirements is almost complete, its just not picking up on undiscovered materials.. Added pointers for Zeni/Research Points.

I may look at downgrading to the Unsigned version of CE since this Ordinal shit is getting in the way of making a lot of features.

Update 3 - One last update for the night.. Inf HP should keep you alive now! Added Inf Extract Duration. Found a better injection point for Max Sharpness. Tomorrow I'll try using the unsigned version of CE to see if that helps.

Update 4 - Added Inf Mantle Use / Cooldown. Added some pointers for defense/resistances/basic buffs, still digging though this. Added Kill All Large Monsters.

Update 5 - Added pox911 AntiCrash script to the table. Working great so far!

Update 6 - Quick update for the Inf Health script.

Update 7 - Updated table with seikur0 bypass script!! Should have fixed Inf HP, I used every fucking comparison that held true. Couldn't find a good one..

Update 8 - Added Inf Hunting Horn Buff Duration. Fixed a disable issue with Instant Hammer Charge. Highlighted Item Pointers now pick up on items in your Item Pouch.

Update 9 - With the help of pox911, who pointed me towards the right area, we bring to you: Unlock Armor/Weapons, Unlock Augments, Unlock Decorations, and Unlock Charms! Please read the Table Extras before you go and fuck something up. Unlock Armor/Weapons is widely untested and may halt quest progression. I even screwed up my save last night, but that was from testing MANY different values. Had to start over. Report anything abnormal.

The Unlock Chrams, Decos and Augments just unlock the menu item so you have access to it (if you don't already).

Update 10 - Removed Unlock Armor/Weapons.

Update 11 - Added All Monsters Shown On Map.

Update 12 - Added Inf Gathering, made by pox911.

Update 13 - Added back Unlock Weapons/Armor For Current Tier Level. Info is in Table extras. I also added a [Flags] section under Zeni/Research Pointers to possibly help those who have missing NPC's get them back. There is a lot of data I still need to go through, but this should be the root area. Instructions are a little vague so ask me if you have any questions.

Update 14 - Added Idlehands88's scripts to the table. These include Have All Items, Ammo, Materials and Event Materials! I also put everyone's work under their own section in the table.

Update 15 - Added Highlighted Armor Editor. I'll work on weapons tomorrow!

Update 16 - Changed Have All Items script to exclude specialized tools. All credit still goes to Idlehands88. Added pointer to Highlighted Armor Editor, found by Idlehands88 as well!

Update 17 - Updated Inf Heavy Bowgun Special Ammo to include Wyvernsnipe.

Update 18 - Added Selected Weapon, made by seikur0! Added Inf Barrel Placements, made by dec1337, sorry I meant to add this a while back. Added pointers to #Of Active Slots.

Update 19 - Added No Palico Gadget CD, Inf Slinger Ammo, Palico Gadget Exp Multiplier and a fix for the specialized tools in the item box.

Update 20 - Added Easily Break Monster Parts! Added Dash Juice to Buffs per what Marcus101RR pointed out, I meant to add this much earlier man.. Added x50 variants for the Have All scripts.

Update 21 - Updated Have All scripts by Idlehands88 to include Decorations! Added some more pointers to Selected Weapon, elemental attack stuff. Works on everything but the weapon "Fire and Ice". Changed Inf Item Use to Inf Item Use/Slinger Ammo, since they basically did the same thing. It also doesn't screw with quest rewards this way. Box operations are still screwy.

Update 21.5 - Added a DDL to Element Type.

Update 21.75 - Added back the old Inf Item Use since some people seemed to like that more.

Update 22 - Idlehands88 updated his Have All Decorations scripts. Added support for the Vitality Mantle in Inf Mantle Duration. Added script by dec1337 for Unlimited Investigations. Added a new script under Buffs.

Update 23 - Should have fixed all conflicting issues with Slinger Ammo and No Reload. Added Bowgun Supports All Ammo/No Reload and Bows Support All Coating. Should have fixed issues with Inf Health, otherwise I don't know, can't find a good comparison. Increase your Def or use the damn vitality mantle.

Update 24 - Added Inf Lucky Vouchers, Instant GS Charge and a pointer to Time Played. Added two more conditional buffs. Should have fixed Inf Health... again! I swear this one is making me suicidal!

Update 25 - Added Maxed Slots and 1 Jewel Maxes Skill Level!

Update 25.5 - Fixed 1 Jewel Maxes Skill Level, it works for armor now as well.

Update 26 - Added HR Exp Multiplier, Palico Exp Multiplier, Inf IG Stamina and Monster Research Multiplier.

Update 27 - Added GC Weapon Usage and Hammer Power Charge Always Active.

Update 28 - Added Teleport with seikur0's help, who helped me avoid collisions! I will add my Blink function to this at a later time, if possible!

Update 29 - Added an Affinity pointer to the ranged section. Added pointers made by Marcus101RR. Added Inf Charge Blade Shield Charge to Weapon Buffs. Fixed an issue with Inf GL Ammo/Wyrmstake.

Update 30 - Table updated for latest version. Have All scripts are still broken, going to wait on Idlehands88. Let me know of any issues.

Update 30.25 - Fixed an issue with the Bowgun script.

Update 30.5 - Table updated with Idlehands88's Have All scripts!

Update 31 - Added back the original Inf Item Use, now better than ever since it doesn't fuck with box operations! Added Blink to Teleport. Added LR and Investigations to GC Weapon Usage. This will be the only GC editor I make, I think it's a lame-ass feature, if you want to look good then just play the game. Added Maxed Set Bonus and Maxed Armor Skills.

Update 31.5 - Fixed an issue with Inf Item Use. Added scripts made by Marcus101RR. The Highlighted Item Pointer's DDL was organized by Marcus101RR as well which is now implemented.

Update 32 - Added Max Scoutfly Level and Monster Research Pointers. Added pointers made by Resolve and blarae to GC Edits.

Update 33 - Fixed Inf Item Use the way that everyone likes!

Update 34 - Fixed Inf Item Use in regards to coatings and the Whetfish Fin+. Added Inf Charge Blade Sword Charge to Weapon Buffs.

Update 35 - Added the 3 level charges to Inf Spirit Gauge.

Update 36 - Added Cannons Always Loaded and Inf Cannon Fire. Fixed Hammer Power Charge Always Active. The glow around the hammer will not be active but you will still have the damage buff, health regen and the attack pattern change.

Update 37 - Fixed Max Bow Charge to work for Dragon Piercer and Special Shots.

Update 38 - Added Meal Editor and Set Max Map Zoom Amount. Added Latent Power Always Active and Super Buffed with the pointers to follow. Everything in regards to Super Buffed falls under the Hunting Horn and the Orchestra category ONLY. Effects from these two categories WILL stack with one another along with item and food buffs. However, the (S)/(L) variants WILL NOT stack with each other within the same category.

Update 39 - Table updated for the latest version. Added pointers to buffs in Meal Editor. Reworked Inf Item Use, coatings should not decrease anymore. Reworked Max Bow Charge, should work outside of the training area. Jho still needs to be added to some pointers, I havent fought him yet. I think I did something else, I can't remember..

Update 39.5 - Fixed Bowgun Supports All Ammo/No Reload.

Update 40 - Fixed Marcus101RR's script Set Item Quantity. Added Jho to pointers.

Update 41 - Added Inf Insect Glaive Jumping Attack. Added Abnormal Status Buildup Multiplier and Large Monster Size Modifier. I'm still working out the effect IDs for the Buildup Multiplier, but this does support Mounting!!

Update 42 - Updated some of the Abnormal Status IDs. Added the Monster Health + Overlay Bar that was put together by Berserk Knight. Added some more pointers found by Berserk Knight to Buffs. Large Monster Size Modifier can now affect GC sizes.

Update 43 - Table updated for latest version.

Update 43.5 - Fixed a bad edit with Inf Item Use.

Update 44 - Table updated for latest version. Included Berserk Knight's Health and Buff Overlays.

Update 44.5 - Fixed a bad edit on my end with Berserk Knight's lua code for Inf Health.

Update 45 - Table updated for the latest version. Health is looking ugly again, may work on cosmetics later. Doesn't bother me at the moment.

Update 46 - Updated Berserk Knight's lua script for the overlays. Added the missing Jho Scale and Autumn Harvest Ticket to the Have All scripts. Added Keep Mantle Effect After Removal for those who want "Invisible Mantles". As it stands right now, the game can only register one effect at a time, so if you try doing this with two mantles you'll only get the effect of the last mantle equipped. Added Inf Damage Taken For Vitality Mantle. With that enabled you can now have Inf Health with the Vitality Mantle. This is just a temporary workaround for the disconnect issue. Added Marcus101RR's updated scripts.
EDIT: Forgot to mention I added some more to Highlighted Item Pointer which include things like Buy/Sell Price and Rarity.

Update 47 - Added pointers for Poogie's costumes as well as an unlock script.

Update 48 - Added 360 Degree Dragon Piercer. Still have some improvements I would like to make to that one. Added Go To Character Edit Screen. Added Marcus101RR's updated pointers.

Update 49 - Table updated to the latest version.

Update 50 - Updated some scripts for the latest version, mainly Go To Character Edit Screen and Idlehands88's Have All scripts. Added dissolved, melded and sublimated weapons to the script as well. Changed the Item ID entry to display correct values.

Update 51 - Main table updated. Included a table with safe to use scripts only. There a 4 checked scripts in this table, denoted in orange. They are relatively safe if enabled at the appropriate screen and disabled right after use.

Update 52 - Bypass method updated! Replaced Inf Health with Invulnerability

Update 53 - Table updated for the latest version.

Update 54 - Fixed a bad edit with Ignore Crafting Requirements. Should not cause a crash when disabled. Added Wyvernheart Rapidfire. Added all missing materials to the Have All scripts. Added missing items to the DDL. Added Marcus101RR's updated scripts.

Update 55 - Fixed Large Monster HP.

Update 56 - Table updated to the latest version.

Update 57 - Table updated to the latest version.

Update 58 - Table updated to the latest version. Added No CD For Igni. Inf Item Use may have a bug when transferring items to and from the box, I'll have to look into it more. Abnormal Status Buildup Mult is working, but the specifier is not. Ill have to sort through IDs again. Maybe. The Have All scripts are working, but are missing a lot of the newer items. I will get around to adding them in when I have time. The Highlighted Item Pointers do have all the items in the DDL.

Update 59 - Updated Berserk Knight's Character Editor table and added it under his section.

Update 60 - Table updated for the latest steam version.

Update 61 - Table updated for the latest steam version. Rewrote Bowgun No reload and Inf Slinger Ammo, just realized they were conflicting. Added an alternate version for Go To Character Edit Screen. If one doesn't work for you then try the other.

Update 62 - Fixed the issues with Invul and Monster Parts. Rewrote the Character Edit Screen script.

Update 63 - Fixed an issue with Give All Items. The runestone will be placed in your inventory now.

Update 64 - Table is updated for the latest steam version.

Update 65 - Table is updated for the latest steam version.

Update 66 - First release for Iceborne, still have a long ways to go.

Update 67 - Added some more stuff.

Update 68 - Added a couple more things.

Update 69 - Updated Inf Item Use to include Dust of Life and Hot Drinks. 1 Jewel Maxes should now pick up secondary skills. Equipment Data now picks up empty slots in the item box to make it easier to add weapons.

The DDL for Highlighted Items is now complete. Added Ignore Crafting Requirements, had to do this one a bit differently than before.. Added Meal Editor with the new food skills.

Update 70 - Table is updated for the latest version. Added some weapon buffs, Guiding Lands Exp, and All Monsters On Map.

Update 71 - Small update with some more features.

Update 72 - Updated with HR/MR Exp Mults. Some improvements to existing features.

Update 73 - Updated to version 10.12.02. Added some new features.

Update 74 - Fixed Easily Break Monster Parts and added Large Monster Size Modifier.

Update 75 - Fixed an issue with Inf Slinger Ammo, it does not conflict with bowgun ammo anymore. Added Bowgun No Reload and Bowgun Ammo Data. Added all weapons up to the DB section of Equipment Data. Added a weapon ID pointer to the Weapon Editor.

Update 76 - Table Updated for 11.50.00.

Update 77 - Fixed Max Sharpness. Pointers for ED ID/Layered ID under Weapon/Armor Editors.

Update 78 - Updated Inf Item Use, works with snowmen and snowballs. Also wont interfere with box operations anymore.
1 Jewel should be picking up everything now. Updated pointers for Poogie's costumes and layered armor in Character Pointers.
Added Palico Gadget Exp Mult. Added pointers for the volcanic region. Fixed issues with Bowgun No Reload and Inf Wyvernblast.
Added Pox911's Endemic Override and Toolsmax's Add Special Tracks to their respective sections.

Update 79 - Added Have All Pets and Increased Pet Placements. Read the Table Extras for more info.

Update 80 - Updated for the latest steam version. Added a few new scripts. Changed the number in Have All Pets to be more compatible with the Pet Placement script. Added Toolsmax's form to the table, his README box will work now.

Update 81 - Updated for the latest steam version, with the exception of 3 scripts denoted in red.

Update 82 - Updated the rest of the scripts. Updated DDLs for Layered Armor and Skills. Added pointers for Awakening Slots in Equipment Data.
Update 83 - Updated for the latest steam version. Added Ignore Safi Weapon Limit.

If you are experiencing random crashes while running the table and bypass, it's most likely due to having the High Res Texture Pack installed. Uninstall that and you should be fine.

PS: Please don't paste this CT elsewhere without linking to this thread.

Steam users can use this bypass, made by CaliberCH, found Here and in the attachments!

You can also download a working table over on Marcus101RR's thread Here!

How to use this cheat table?
  1. Install Cheat Engine
  2. Double-click the .CT file in order to open it.
  3. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine in order to select the game process.
  4. Keep the list.
  5. Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1
(986.25 KiB) Downloaded 72318 times
Password - frf
(13.57 KiB) Downloaded 27866 times
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Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by Deepthroat »

I'll be happy with just [B]Ignore Crafting Requirements[/B] specially since I heard lots of complains about the grind!

Impatiently waiting for the game to be released tomorrow!

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Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by Lukacross »

This is going to be amazing, thrilled to have you making the table!

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Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by STN »

Squall8, post: 54338, member: 240 wrote:I know this thread will no longer exist when the conversion goes through, but I made a copy of this post so I won't have to redo it. Anyways..

Just want to mention that these forums will be accessible to everyone for quite some time so there's no issue of any lost data at all. Just the inconvenience of reposting

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Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by hardcore88 »

nice to see you hyped aswell. A Damage Multipler option would be nice :)

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Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by sciicers »

An option for 1-hit part breaking of a monster would be very useful.

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Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by KruKru »

Beeing able to add those late game decorations would be soooo good. I can't repeat the PS4 grind for those lol.

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Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by D00IVI »

Yeah, it's getting the decos the most problematic things, everything else isn't really neccessary, I spent like 350h out of my 450h play time on ps4 grinding for them and I still missing out a lot

And well, may be adding selected weapon to inventory, since kulve weapon drops are also random, but I don't think it's weapon will be included in the launch version.
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Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by Squall8 »

It's downloading!!! I have a little over an hour to go... Shitty HD..


I'll put this in my maybe section. Chances are I'll do it anyways!


Going to do this already.



Decorations will be included in the Have All scripts.
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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by haoxj »

guys, im new to this i have a few questions hope you dont mind

1. is this safe? i mean will steam detect cheat engine or anything like that

2. let's say i got a pretty good weapon using the ignore crafting materials, can i bring them out online with friends?

3. or this is for pure offline ?

thanks before xD

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Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by seikur0 »

I always prefer making a game less grindy instead of outright taking the fun away by just giving the player things. So how about a drop rate modifier? You haven't thought about that ;) Maybe also a cheat that adds tail items to the common drop pool instead of just the tail.

And instead of "[B]Inf Item Use[/B] " something that makes it so, you have infinite items in your chest but not on missions.

Also why does nobody gift me cool games *sob* *sob*, I'd love to do stuff for it as well, but I already own MHW for PS4 and I don't want to buy it again.
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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by Fanyun007 »

Thanks for the info!

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Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by dec1337 »

Quick code for inf items, only briefly tested

Edit - Changed code to set item to 99 instead of nop



aobscanmodule(infconsumables,MonsterHunterWorld.exe,89 51 0C C3 48 C7)






mov edx,#99


mov [rcx+0C],edx



jmp newmem




db 89 51 0C C3 48



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Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by CcaidenN »

seikur0, post: 54414, member: 8101 wrote:I always prefer making a game less grindy instead of outright taking the fun away by just giving the player things. So how about a drop rate modifier? You haven't thought about that ;) Maybe also a cheat that adds tail items to the common drop pool instead of just the tail.
I like this idea. I like to work for my weapons, armor, etc. But not when you have to grind for dozens upon dozens of hours and pray RNG is on your side.

What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Monster Hunter World (Steam)

Post by wulutulaman »


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