Alien Breed 3: Descent (Steam Version 5.11)

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Alien Breed 3: Descent (Steam Version 5.11)

Post by CyberD3m0n » Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:08 am

Hell-o friends of "custom gaming", to finish this trilogy, here's a new table for Alien Breed 3: Descent, created with ver. 5.11. It has the usual scripts the other tables had:
- True god mode (no damage for Conrad)
- True god mode (alternative - because the first script made that female alien boss invulnerable too, at least for the first fight; I don't know if this fixes it, so somebody would have to check it out)
- God mode (reset Conrad's health to 999 after he has been damaged)
- Infinite stamina (no more annoying rests in long passages!)
- Always have 200 ammo loaded (no matter the weapon)
- Always have 999 ammo loaded (if 200 is not enough for y'all)
- Always have 20 of the currently selected item (should work with all of them)

Then there's the pointer scans, but as it is with those newer Alien Breed games, they suck. They work in some levels at some times, then they will just return garbage. Use at your own risk! You could ruin your savegame, you know. I've collected some "meh" pointers for Health, Credits (four of them, one should be guaranteed to work no matter where you are), weapon ammo (currently selected weapon pointer seems to be stable most of the time) and of course for the items.

Hope it helps! Have fun!
Dami0N - Alien Breed 3 - Descent (15-03-2017).CT
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