Rogue Legacy v1.0.13.0 +? (Update4)

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Rogue Legacy v1.0.13.0 +? (Update4)

Post by STN » Fri Jul 14, 2017 9:52 am

Made by Cielos

- added pointer to Special Item Type
- added Vampire Rune Level Customization.
- added Curse Rune Level Customization.
- fixed some misleading typo in the post.
- updated Inf. Dash, it works without equipping any Sprint Runes now.
- added pointers to Equipment equipped.
- added pointers to Runes equipped.
- rewritten No Stun script, it doesn't require any key-pressing anymore (and won't terminate fly anymore).
- updated Inf. Fly script, it allows you to fly without equipping any Sky Runes now.
- added Alternate Dash
- added Alternate Double Jump
- added pointer to the type of Spell equipped

- Undead
health still drops but you won't be killed
press & hold P to disable this script temporarily, so that you can be killed and back to the manor.

- Invulnerability
when activated, nothing can harm you at all.
when Invulnerability script is activated, press Alt + to turn Invulnerability ON, Alt - to turn OFF.

- No Stun
when activated, enemies' attack won't stun you.
*you must get hit once (enemy attacks / projectiles / spike etc.) before you can activate this script.

- Inf. MP

- Instant Spell Cooldown (spell rapid fire)
you may cast spell rapidly with this script on.
better use together with Enemy Invulnerable Timer script. (see Enemy Invulnerable Timer script below for details)
*you must use a spell once before you can activate this script.

- Instant Replacement Cool Down
*you must use the Replacement move once before you can activate this script.

- Inf. Dash
you don't need to equip any Sprint Runes to Dash.
allows you to have infinite usage of dash in mid-air.

- Continuous Dash
hold the dash button to dash continuously

- Alternate Dash
Dash stop immediately when you release the Dash button, even if the default dash timer hasn't end yet. (just a personal preference to dash usage.)
*you must activate Continuous Dash before you can activate this script.

- Inf. Double Jump
you don't need to equip any Vault Runes to Double Jump.
press & hold Down Arrow key to disable this script temporarily.

- Alternate Double Jump
you don't need to equip any Vault Runes for this script to work.
press & hold Up Arrow + Jump to double jump
*you must activate Inf. Double Jump before you can activate this script.

- Inf. Fly
allows you to fly as long as you want.
you may choose to press R to Fly anytime you want, even if you are not equipping any Sky Runes at all.

- Enemy Invulnerable Timer script
with this script on, enemies won't have the temporarily invulnerable state when you hit them. that means, for example, when you have Instant Spell Cooldown and this script activated together and you cast 5 flying daggers on an enemy at once, all 5 daggers would hit the target in stead of just 1 daggers hit and 4 daggers fly through the enemy.
*you must hit something once before you can activate this script.

- Vampire Rune Level Customization
set the Vampire Rune Level yourself.
default value is 5 (the max Vampire Rune you may equip in-game).

- Curse Rune Level Customization
set the Curse Rune Level yourself.
not sure if a value bigger than 5 (the max Curse Rune you may equip in-game) would actually affect the enemies' level, but at least it does show the effect in the character's info.
default value is 5.

- pointers to
HP, MP, Coins

Special Item Type
you need to activate Special Item script first before you can view the Special Item Type pointer.
check Table Extra for the value of Special Item types.

Spell Type
you need to activate Spell script first before you can view the Spell Type pointer.
Spell script can be activated after using a spell once[/b]
check Table Extra for some tested Spell type value .

Equipment and Runes equipped
the value of equipped Equipment and Runes correspond to the slot number.
for example, if you want to equip a Haste Rune (slot 8 in the runes menu) on the Helm, locate the Entity "Helm" under "[Pointers]>[Runes]", change the value to 07.

- Enable script can be activated after a level is loaded.
- all the hot keys of this table are supposed to work with the game's default keyboard config. you should do the same for this table to work properly. or you can examine the script and change the keys accordingly.
- pHero are located based on the information AikonCWD shared.
- table is NOT made based on steam version. this table may not work on steam version. good luck!
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