Finding offset or adress automatically

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Finding offset or adress automatically

Post by ludo1800 »

Hello there ;) !

I massively use Cheat Engine with "Alien Legacy" (Great game btw) on DosBox 0.74-2, I am making some kind of a thorough walkthrough. And I like to play it very much but I like to have some more ressources to be not bothered ;) !

I have to make 2 or three search with, for the simpliest, the number of turns. And, step 2, click on the found adress, right click on the Turns variable saved in my CT, "Recalculate new adresses" with "Change to adress" tab to "resync" all the values at the right adresses. The same adresses are kept from loading other savegames. It changes with a new DosBox launching. Apparently, always ending with 70, like 102C2F70…

Here is my question : Is there some tuto or directly a trick to "automatize" this process and when I open the CT file, there is a way I'm already with the right adresses ?

Sorry if it is basic question, maybe already answered, but I'm not sure how to formulate my search here to get the right answer et find by myself...

Thanks et best regards from France (that's a "sorry" in disguise for my english, if any) !

What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Re: Finding offset or adress automatically

Post by hotwhj »

Hi, I think what you need is a pointer. Google some tutorials about it.

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