Starpoint Gemini 2 AOB+23

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Starpoint Gemini 2 AOB+23

Post by STN » Sun Apr 30, 2017 7:33 am

README - Starpoing Gemini 2 Cheat Table by jgoemat
Steam Version 0.7007 as of 2014-04-28

Blue entries will expand when enabled showing their children.

1) Enable SCRIPT: Globals, then enable all of the scripts under it
2) "Script: Stats" and "Script: Ship Stats" just find pointers that
let you edit lots of values that you will see when they are enabled.
3) Enable 'Cheats' to see the individual cheats
4) Set values starting with 'b' to 1 to enable the cheats
5) Set the value of 'fSpeedMultiplier' to a floating point number to
increase your speed. If less than 1.0 it won't modify your speed

Stats: Cash, XP, Level, Skill Points, Perk Points
Ship: Hull (current/max), Troops (current/max), Max Cargo, Resistances
bPlayerEnergy - Weapons are always charged
bEnemyEnergy - Non-player ships have no weapon energy
bItemRecharge - Items recharge instantly after use
bItemQuantity - Item quantity does not decrease when used
bMissileAmmo - Ammo not used on heavy weapons (missiles at least)
bMissileRecharge - Heavy weapons have no cooldown (missiles at least)
bSkillRecharge - Skills have no cooldown
fSpeedMultiplier - Makes ship fly faster without changing ship template

NOTE: You may have to pick up some cargo to be able to see ship stats.

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