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Lucius +2

Post by STN » Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:57 am

- updated the table to work on v1.02.3866
- rewrote use Power without being caught and change the name to No Detection
- updated SorbitolO's Inf. memory erase uses and infinite music box uses to work on v1.02.3866

Made by Cielos

Inf. Power
- Power stays full always.

Inf. Memory Erase
- made by SorbitolO
- I haven't tested it yet actually. you tell me if this works and I'd update this description..

Inf. Music Box
- made by SorbitolO

No Detection
- on normal stage, people would still talk to you when you go near them, but you won't be spotted if you use power or manipulate the surrounding in front of them.
- on sneaking stage, people won't spot you unless you intentionally interact with them.

- this game uses static addresses for power and some other things, you don't really need to have a script for unlimited use of power.
- use aob scan, should works on most versions.
- if you can't activate Enable script, get in-game when Lucius can moves around first, then activate Enable script again.

Made a script for infinite music box uses. Not sure if it's terribly useful but feel free to merge it into your table if you feel like it.

Edit: Added a script to make NPCs ignore you and one to for infinite uses of memory erase

Made by SorbitolO

Inf. music box uses
Run around at night without getting caught
Inf. memory erase uses

My first cheat table for Lucius version 1.02.3866 on steam.

Inf. Power for actived press Num1 (on/off freeze Power bar).

Made by WarC0zes
(3.6 KiB) Downloaded 192 times
(660 Bytes) Downloaded 150 times
(7.62 KiB) Downloaded 242 times

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