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Mamatoto cheat engine

Post by STN » Mon Apr 24, 2017 9:27 pm

This is a cheat engine table created by me for the game Mamatoto. All of them have pointers so the cheats should go straight to the correct addresses once loaded.

Made by Psiho_c, Cake-san

There are tons of header (you need to check the box on the left side of the name in order to expand)
A lot of groups, you can just press enter after clicking it, set the value, and enter again to set the same and to all subgroups ( Kids, Item, Core HP, Level. etc)


CRT + A - Nanas/Kakaro Mode value to 9
CRT + S - Freeze Nanas Points - starts before battle - need value to be 0 to advance
CRT + D - Freeze the number of units you can deposit ( best to be used only with Kids)

Gold - max 65535

Nanas/Kakaro Mode - How many times Nanas/Kakaro can make a visit, needs to put the value before it reaches 0 or load

Battle and Kids (header)

Nanas Points - starts before battle (CRT+S to Un/Freeze) - needs to be 0 in orde to continue ( can set manually to 0 if mess up)
Nana Points a character has - mostly needed for female relation

Level - stats are adjusted according to the level. Waring 1: Monster Realms enemy are adjusted to your level. Warning 2: at some places you need a character to lose ( will not die) so having a high level ( HP) is not good ( but you can always just scan for the hp so yeah). Warning 3: you get an additional CG depending on what level you had.

Kids Card Production - during a new chapter, kids are producing. Put value just before production in order to generate tons of them that will slow down you game for sure until its finish ( seriously, better just use "Kids Stock" cheat....)

Kids Grade - Will reset if you enter and exit "Plants" during the end of a chapter. The higher the grade the better the Kids and high the cost to build new plans fo them.

Kids Stock - number of Kids you have to deploy

Troops left to deploy (CRT+D to Un/Freeze) - use this for battles where you use Kids. If you use it on some battles were you use generals, you might end up not having enough or too many of them on the map.

Core HP - HEADER - current HP + Max HP

Special Move - This are the S starts a General gas left during Battle. This is only for the first General, so on some battles, you will find this code not to work for this reason

Addresses that change visually but nothing more - This are addresses that I just added for the sake of it.... They change visually but nothing more.... for the better. If using the "Cards for Weapon Shop" one, when the number would reach 0, it actually freezes game while the music still goes on, even after the game has crashed. And the "Enemy troop left" - if set to more enemies, the battle did not finish even, after all, enemies were defined, so I needed to click around ( like setting, stent, summon etc) for the battle to finish

Here's my old table that I deleted from this site:
Still can't find the number of turn for the character in battle Sad
Items - Any Item that has its value to 0 or more will appear in the Status screen. The if the value is 65535, no Item Image in Status ( an item you have yet to get)

Stuff I could not manage to get but would gladly update this cheat table if someone else finds them or others as:

The real address for Cards needed for weapon shop
A way to make the cards show up ( or disappear) in the Card Apreaciention
Way to influence the numbers of time you can Summon
(72.69 KiB) Downloaded 162 times
(57.7 KiB) Downloaded 146 times

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