Jagged Alliance: Back In Action (Steam Version)

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Jagged Alliance: Back In Action (Steam Version)

Post by STN » Thu Apr 20, 2017 6:50 pm

Made by Rhagic

Cheat Table for Jagged Alliance: Back in Action

All options use aobscan to locate relevant code to hook, features may hopefully continue to work between game updates.

Update 2012-03-20:
- Updated for JA BIA 1.11
- All features updated, except Chameleon, which has been removed. Needs more work than I have time.

Update 2012-02-21:
- Added "SilentScope", all guns are considered to have a x12 Scope and a Silencer Attached
- Added "Chameleon", increase your camouflage by an amount, make your units hard to see (set bonus to 100) or effectively invisible (set bonus to 200)
- Added more clothes to the EasyMilitia MagicPocket and swapped the MG for a Sniper Rifle (by request).
- Text decoration to row descriptions to better indicate scripts and their associated options.
- Added a modifiable target value of the MaxStats feature.


In the battlescreen, it will save the pointers to your units' data structures into an array called 'pArray'. You can then view and modify these data structures using the 'Character' structure dissector included. See here for details.

MaxStats (F11)
In the battle screen, while the SaveCharPointers script is active, you can hit F11 to set all of your units' skills and attributes to the "Skill Max Value" (default: 100) and remove all deficits (including death).

No Durability Loss
Your units' guns and clothes do not loss durability.

No Ammo/Charge Usage
Your unit's guns do not consume ammunition and the charges on your off-hand items do not decrease.

No Damage+OneHitKill
There are two toggles available for this feature to independently disable the two elements to this feature (0 == disabled, 1 == enabled).
- No Damage - Your units and friendly units (militia & villagers) will not take damage, they can however be wounded or start bleeding.
- OneHitKill - Non-friendly units, i.e. not any of the previous factions, will die from any damage.

Equipment Max Dura/Ammo/Charge
There's a game function that is called on every item of equipment when it is to be rendered in-game. This feature hooks that function to set maximum durability to all items, maximum ammo to weapons and maximum charges to offhand items.

Squad Teleport (0)
In map screen, select a squad, cancel any orders, then if you hit '0' on your keyboard the squad will teleport to the mouse cursor location. Use cautiously to avoid landing your squad in trouble.

Your units' guns will be considered to have both a silencer and a x12 scope. Couldn't get it to change the sound of the gunshots though.

Your units' will receive a configurable bonus to their camouflage. Default is 100, which will make them pretty hard to see. Change it to 200 to make them effectively invisible.

Firstly, if "EasyMilitia" is set to 1 (default), when you 'talk' to militia, your trading inventory will be a fixed set of weapons and armour. Makes equiping militia really easy!

Secondly when you swap equipment between units. If you hold down a key when they start to the swap will make the 'B' player's inventory be swapped with a magic pocket which is a static (don't put anything you want in there).
- F5 - Pistols + Clothes
- F6 - SMGs + Armor + Attachments
- F7 - MGs + Medikit + Tool Kit + Openers + Explosives
- F8 - Assault Rifles + Grenades
- 7 - Shotguns + Money
- 8 - Sniper Rifles
- 9 - Launchers
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Re: Jagged Alliance: Back In Action (Steam Version)

Post by Darth_Alaks » Wed Jul 19, 2017 11:13 pm

Can author update it to 1.13g? Please

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