Elminage Gothic (GOG ver.

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Elminage Gothic (GOG ver.

Post by STN » Mon Apr 17, 2017 9:54 pm

Made by Shoobster

This game has been around a while but the only table I could find for the Gog version didn't have some of the features I wanted so I ended up making my own. This is my 1st time creating a table with more than one or two entries but after the time it took me to figure it out the addresses and create all those entries for it I thought I'd try uploading it just in case anyone else might be interested some time down the road.

Note: This was made for the GOG version of Elminage Gothic and effects the 1st 20 character slots as seen in the Training School:

>Freeze Roll points for character creation (zbAdd's has this as well but uses a script and I use pointers, same difference, I just don't know scripts lol)

>View (and change) first, last & nick names (You can change these in the game but I wanted a reference for each set of stats to verify who's stats I was changing in CE)

>Min and Max HP (zbAdd's has a 'no damage' script, but I wanted to be able to set exactly how much HP each character had, frozen in nice rounded numbers to satisfy my OCD...plus again, I know nothing of scripts lol)

>Current MP for all schools of magic for each character, IE: each character has entries for each level of every magic school, whether they can use it or not, so if for example they can't cast Mage spells from a previous or current class, don't bother changing the numbers under Mage spells for them and freezing them as they won't be able to cast what they haven't learned yet, but should they change to a class that can use them, those entries will become valid (zbAdd's has an infinite MP script that doesn't let the MP decrease, but again, not knowing scripting, this was the only way I knew to do it, by using pointers)

>Experience Points (zbAdd's has an exp multiplier, but I wanted to be able to set exact experience on the fly to train up multiple classes per character in town to build my "perfect party")

>Gold each character is carrying
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