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Post by STN » Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:07 am

Made by FauDrei
I have been fan of Ports of Call back there in Amiga days Cool so I took my time and patched up a CE table for TransOcean (TransOcean.exe
I would like to thank panraven for his help and his lua code in one script in the table. CE version 6.5 required.

[CTRL+F1]/[SHIFT+F1] = remove ship limitations
- all ship classes can go to any port, no matter the port size or whether port is unlocked (was visited before) or not
- all ship classes can get, select and fulfill commisions to any port
- all ship classes can be bought from the start, no matter the player's rank
- ULCVs can go through Panama canal

[CTRL+F2]/[SHIFT+F2] = skip manual cast off/in
- manual cast off/in is immediately finished successfully without entering minigame
- minigame instantly successfully finished if cheat activated during minigame (and CTRL is pressed)

[CTRL+F3]/[SHIFT+F3] = speedup ships on map
- all ships travel speedup factor times faster on world map

[CTRL+ F4]/[SHIFT+F4] = modify TEU/TDW/contracts
- TEU factor - each ship's original TEU is multiplied by TEU factor (increase TEU)
- TDW factor - each ship's original TDW is multiplied by TDW factor (increase TDW)
- per harbour commission factor - number of per harbour generated commissions is multiplied by this value (more commissions in each harbour)
- harbour commisions TEU divisor - TEU size of each harbour commission is divided by this value (harbour commissions are relatively smaller)
- company contracts goal TEU divisor - company contract's goal TEU is divided by this value (company commissions are relatively smaller)

[CTRL+F5]/[SHIFT+F5] = quick ship repair

[CTRL+F6]/[SHIFT+F6] = quick ship upgrade

[CTRL+F7]/[SHIFT+F7] = browse&edit values
- browse and edit some player/ship values (credits, rank, reputation...)

Hope those still playing this game will find this table useful...
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