TerraTech 0.513

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TerraTech 0.513

Post by STN » Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:06 am

TerraTech 0.5.13, 32 bit/64-bit table using mono feature, may need updated beta ce.
Made by panraven
... but the 64-bit version is based on v0.5.10, and I cannot test if all cheat working yet as I still have no shop/fuel/battery. Should work for others, ie.damage and rapid...

- check team, base script to test player team, need for other script
- free shop and unlock, effect saving. Shop item is free (and give you $1 Wink on buying) and unlocked;
- wp rapid x4;
- fuel tank full;
- energy store full;
- enemy block not destroy on detaching from enemy,block detached from enemy due to damaging normally have a chance to self-destroy, this make it wont happened, except 'Cab'(drive control) block ;
- player & orphan block is invincible; player team block or orphan block dropped from enemy became invincible. orphan block may 'block' the shot on further damaging the enemy, may need manually grab the orphan block away the shot path. Orphan block invincible default off (hotkey / )

*player team include player tank, player ally tanks, player base structure.
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