Ryse - Son of Rome (v1.0.0.153) +6 (table Update1)

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Ryse - Son of Rome (v1.0.0.153) +6 (table Update1)

Post by STN » Sun Apr 16, 2017 4:21 pm

Made by Cielos

got a request, here's the result table for Ryse - Son of Rome:

- updated Valor Points Fetch, added pointer to Valor Points Used.
- updated Walk Key to Move Speed Mod Key, just added 2 hot-keys that allows you to toggle between Walk and Sprint in-game.
- added 3 scripts, Extend Vertical Cam Tilt Limit, Disable Auto Cam, and Player Coord Fetch.

- health still drop when hit but won't be killed.

Valor Points Fetch
- when activated, fetch the Valour Points when you access the upgrade menu.
- "Valor Points Total" - "Valor Points Used" = Valor Points showing in the game.

Move Speed Mod Key
- the requested option, just press and hold Alt when moving to move as the custom Move Speed.
- change the Move Speed to 2 or larger to have a constant sprint key.
- 2 hot-keys are set for in-game toggle between Walk and Sprint:
-- Alt-T : Sprint (2)
-- Alt-G : Walk (0.4)
- default Move Speed: 0.4 (Walk)

Extend Vertical Cam Tilt Limit
- allows you to tilt the cam to almost straight up towards the sky and straight down towards the ground.

Disable Auto Cam
- another requested option, which prevent the following cam from "auto-correcting" while you're moving. can be useful if playing with keyboard+mouse.

Player Coord Fetch
- fetch the player co-ordination when activated.

some horizontal angle cal
- a useless script. just a pre-script to fetch the cosine and sine for no-clip/fly script, if I ever bored enough to actually build one. but the game isn't a sandbox type game, a no-clip/fly script doesn't do much other than breaking the immersion..

- made and tested on v1.0.0.153.
- table made with AOB scans, should work on other game versions too.
- don't freeze any pointers in the table unless you know what you're doing.
- player check of Undead is using l0wb1t method.
- may add more options later, but as it's a (almost) 2 years old game, there are tons of tables/trainers with the common options already; so, unless the requester want some more options real quick, update would be SLOW.
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