Sword of The Stars - The Pit - Pilgrim 1.31/32/54

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Sword of The Stars - The Pit - Pilgrim 1.31/32/54

Post by STN » Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:22 am

My attempt to make a table for this game, still incomplete edgewise, but fully functional as it is

Made by Shiren
Lastest Update 1.65-10/02/2015

NOTE: This Table have been developed using the GOG version of the game, STEAM users reported a few minor issues, specifically the script meant to control time and the script to modify weapons, in my post on page 2 i describe a possible solution to both problems, and under OLD a script to control stacked items without time control seems to work for steam version as well, do please report if the scripts are working for you, and the fixes necessary for steam if you can, due credit will be given here

This table permit to:

- Never decreasing items in stack and Time Lock as long as you have at least 2, include all kind of stackable and even normally non stackable items, wrote how to do so in tables extra, this script can be enabled anytime by setting the flag to 1, feel free to change the hotkey. Tested repeatedly over anything i could find, no bug or issue, can freely grab things from the ground with no problem, heard that someone had problem with that with another table, not an issue here

(After 1.4 update, to enable this script at least 1 Time Unit must be used, or the script will not work. If not interested in this function, enable the old Unlimited stack script without TU manipulation under the OLD!! header)

_Setting the flag to 2 will increase the next items used in a stack by 1, doesn't work when the items is not stackable or if there is only 1 in the inventory. SCript reset Itself to 1 after that

_1.4 It's now possible to manipulate the TU value as desired. The enabler to 1 prevent time to advance. If set to 2 the timer is set to the desired value and stay there. If set to 3 the timer is set to the desired value and then run up normally

- Unlimited Psi Power and no Cooldown: This option require to have activated at least one power(Any will do) before enabling this script due to how the game work, in fact the section used by the game to set the cooldown and reduce psi points it's not even present in memory until it's used at least once, after that enable or disable freely

_1.1 Now allow to extend duration of Psy power as much as you want, disabled by default, simply set the flag to 1 and set how much you wish to extend power duration, the value will be added to the normal power duration, you may notice that even power without duration, with this script active may show you set extended duration during 'casting', it's perfectly innocuous

_1.3 This script gain a new option in update 1.3, it's now possible to change the Maximum Bonus Psy points of your avatar by setting the "No Psi Cost" enabler to 2, then set how much Bonus Points you desire and use whatever psy power you want, doesn't matter which one, the bonus is Permanently added to your avatar Base Value

-The Marine default Max Psy is 300
-Set Enabler to 2 and the bonus to 500
-Use any psy power
-The Enabler return to 1 and the bonus is applied
-Now the Marine has 800 Max Psy points available (Consistent Between Saves)

- Unlimited items charges:, all charged items remaining energy will be set to 10 instead of decreasing, this is valid for Any item, usable or worn. Just like the last option, the code is not even present in the game until it's used at least once, so consume a charge of any item before activating this script

-Skills, Need Manual Search: Described in details how to change your avatar skills every time the game is loaded, unfortunately there is no reliable way to do this automatically without risking a crash, doing it manually however is perfectly safe, read near the end Table Extras for details on how to do so

_1.2.1 Change/Lock Actual/Maximum Move Points:


Option Added at request, thanks for the suggestion MrZack

This description can be found inside Table Extra for reference

1) To use The "Change Max Steps" option, walk anywhere until all your available steps are consumed and the value reach 0, it will automatically restore to it's max value of course, but it's necessary to do it at least once to activate this script, SKIPPING A TURN WILL NOT WORK, you Must use all your available move points

2) Enable the script and set how much you wish the Normal Max steps available to your avatar want, then use all your moves

3) Now the address is correctly set, once all your available step are used, the Max value will become the one you have set. This script will now disable itself, the CHANGE IS PERMANENT and perfectly safe to use with Any item or effect that haste or slow your avatar

4) Unless you wish to alter the max move points again there is not need to reactivate this script. Consistent between saves
______________IMPORTANT NOTES________
Sometimes for some reason the game ignore the recall function and refuse to update the Max Step Value to your new settings, if this happen set the Enabler to 2, this will force the game to update the value the next time your avatar take a step, then the script will turn itself off

Also added the possibility to set the Enabler to 3, this Will prevent the Auto Deactivation of the script and it will need to be turn off manually, not sure why such option may be ever needed, but if you wish to force the game to constantly set your Max Steps, you can

The actual Move points scripts have 3 possible settings:

1) When set to 1 your avatar moves simply stop decreasing, set the value to 0 to resume the consumption. Ignore the "Actual Move Point(s)" value in this case, do nothing

2) When set to 2 the actual move points do not decrease AND are set to the "Actual Move Point(s)" value, change them as much as you wish

3) When set to 3 the actual move points are set to the "Actual Move Point(s)" value, then the script disable itself and the function resume it's normal process. This option work even when your avatar has only 1 point left, effectively preventing the "end of turn"

_1.3 Unlimited Interactive Object Use _1.4 Every Object TU 1: Added Option to prevent interactive objects uses exhaustion, this option include:

-Weapon Locker Light/Heavy
-Medical Locker
-Ammo Box/Locker
-Medical Bay
-4D Copier
-Tesseract Well
-.......Pretty Much Every Usable Object, with the exception of Cyan Pods, and Armory (where usually armor are obtained)

With 1.4 update, this script is now capable to set every interactive object required Time Unit to activate at 1, so every object will give you result just in 1 TU instead of how many normally require, pretty useful when repeatedly activating something until it spit out something that you actually want

-If "Unlimited Interactive Object Use" is active when the avatar proceed to a new level, the uses of many interactive objects present on that floor may change to 5 (arbitrary value i used), even if the script is disabled after loading this new floor, this does not provoke any kind of bug or glitches, and you are not forced to consume all interactive object uses if you don't want. To prevent this possible unwanted effect, simply disable the script before proceeding to the next floor.

-Failing the necessary check to interact with the object can still lock it out

-Most usually 1 time use object animation still visually indicate the object as unusable, but pressing the interaction key again will work regardless

Yes, with this script you may force the game to spawn as many items you wish

- Undying Script_1.5: It's now possible to reset the Maximum avatar health every time it should take damage, no matter the source, note that while this script act like a God Mode it will not make the avatar immune to side effect like stunned, poisoned or asleep, even if it will prevent any damage it may derive from it

_Change Xp Max Bonus Health: This option permit to modify the avatar Health Bonus gained during Level Up, note that until the next level the Max Health value will not change, this is how the game work, so before complaining follow the instruction and gain a new level first. To activate this option your avatar Must take damage while the undying script is enabled, you may use a grenade if necessary or if your armor value is too hight to be hurt by normal means

How To Set Max Health Bonus:

1) After having took damage at least once WITH THE SCRIPT ENABLED (Enabler to 1), your avatar current Health Bonus is wrote down under "Health Bonus Value". This value is Always greater then 0

2) Set the Enabler to 2 and write how much "Xp Bonus Health" you want

3) Take damage again, the script will set the Enabler back to 1

4) Level Up

The Health Bonus Value is a Permanent modification to your avatar, every time it's level increase the bonus value will be re-applied again, so setting an extremely high value like 1000 or more will make titanium look brittle in comparison after 2-3 levels, doesn't glitch anything, but never tested an avatar with more then 60000 Health.
Theoretical max Health:99999999999999999999999999999999

All Weapon Reload 1 TU _1.5:With this script, all your weapon reloading times is set to 1 TU, no matter the original value. Note that this force the game to read 1 when the reload function is called, it will Not change the weapon description, nor alter any object statistic

_1.55 update, Set Equipped Weapon Ammo/Change Equipped Weapon Durability: This script has now two more functions with 4 possible options:

Enabler to:
- 1 or 2 permit to set the actually equipped weapon ammo to any valid 4 bytes value and the script will disable itself. When the enabler set to 2 the script will not auto-disable itself, keeping your weapon ammo at the desired value
- 3 permit to set the equipped weapon durability at the desired value, required to shoot once with the enabler set to 3, the script will then disable itself
- 4 permit to modify weapon penetration, work exactly as if the player would edit it manually. Simply set set Enabler to 4 then chose what you modification you want

_New Option Weapon penetration at 1: Replace default weapon penetration with the value written in "New Weapon Penetration"

_New Option Weapon penetration at 0: Reset Weapon default penetration, ignore "New Weapon Penetration" in this case, the script ignore it. This function DO NOT REMOVE penetration added to the weapon by biomods

_____IMPORTANT NOTES!!!!______
The second function is used for NPC weapon too, so it's recommended to use this second functions Outside of Battle
_Known Innocuous Glitch_
Sometimes when the enabler is set to 3(Change Weapon Durability) or 4(Change Weapon Penetration), the actual loaded ammo will get forcefully changed to the value written in "How Much Ammo", as if the enabler is set to 2. Not completely sure why, can freely alter the value later if it happen

-Durability Mover: This script permit to alter the durability of ANY ITEMS, however this mover also change the NPC weapons and armors durability as well as there is no reliable way to identify to who the item belong. Recommended to use this option only when repairing an item like the armor, to make it indestructible (Durability set to 100000000, also reset Max Durability reduction to 0, restoring the item completely)

It's also possible to auto-inflict damage to the avatar to make it's own armor indestructible, just enable this script and throw a grenade while remaining in it's explosion radius

____________IMPORTANT NOTE!!_____
The Durability Function IS SAFE TO USE, but to avoid making NPC items indestructible or bugged, Deactivate this option as soon as you have done. AND DO NOT USE IT IN COMBAT Warning, May Reset Bonus Durability given to an item by biomods

-Change Items Stacking Number_1.6: This Script Will Set ALL your Items in your inventory AND ON THE GROUND NEAR YOU that are 1 in quantity to 2, including weapons, armor and normally not stackable items, useful in case the avatar require something but has only 1.

Do not affect stacked items quantity equal or greater then 2

Making normally not stackable items stacked do not cause any problem to the game, BUT, if a non stackable items is forcefully stacked using this script, like a weapon for example, it's possible to split the item indefinitely simply using the default item splitting command, keeping pressed CTRL and dragging the item away

-Set avatar might to 160 BEFORE loading_1.61: This option permit the player to force the avatar might to 160 every time a character is loaded, this will allow to have a bigger inventory and thus carrying more items, due to how the script is implemented, instruction are needed to correctly use this script

1) BEFORE loading the character one wish to play with, it's first necessary to load ANOTHER save, any will do even a character just created, and open the character screen, it's then possible to simply save and close this secondary character. This is necessary to load the code in memory

2) Enable the script THEN load the save one wish to play with. AS soon as the save is correctly loaded, disable this script

This simple procedure will guarantee the loaded character always 160 might, and the extra inventory that come from it. Not loading this script when the avatar might is beyond 100 in a save will allow the game to push down the value to 100, shrinking the inventory and dropping the extra items to the ground, nothing game breaking, but annoying nonetheless

-Skill Level Changer_1.65: Now automated correctly, this new tested function permit to change all the avatar skill without requiring to manually search the instruction anymore. This script is meant to either set all skills at the same value, or to set PSIONIC skill to an higher level then NORMAL skills

Any different attempt will probably result in problems and still require to edit the skills with the manual method

Change all skills at the same level:

1) Simply load the desired save and open the character screen, then enable the script and set to how much level the skill must be set, verify that the change happened then set the script to 0 and disable

Set psionic skills to a level higher then normal skills:

1) After loading the save, enable the script but DO NOT open the character screen. Set the desired level for the psionic skills and wait a second or two, then set the script to 0 leaving it active

2) Now open the character screen and set the script to the desired value for the normal skills, verify the change then set the script to 0 and disable

The differentiation is necessary because NORMAL skills cannot be set to a value greater then 220 without provoking strange glitches, among the most common is the foraging skill, that with a value too high will force the game to pretty much always give the same item from the same interactive object over and over again, it probably screw up the in game formula

Value under 220 or at max 220 seems to be fine, if unsure setting 200 is more then enough to get 99% at all checks

PSIONIC skills however are not suffering from those limitations, and it's possible to set them to 5000 or even more if desired, granting the correct boost or damage relative to the power used. Still i suggest to not set a value higher then 2000 without the psy helm, or 4000 with it, as the helmet effectively halve your skills points while worn

Table Extras:

In the table extra i described the byte structure of weapons and armor, and how to permanently make such objects indestructible, simply put the actual durability to 100000000 do the trick, as the value Never decrease, it's also possible to change the Max Durability but it doesn't impact gameplay in any way, beside not reporting your items as damaged anymore, remember that Max Dur must be set as a Negative Value, and it's added to the default Max Dur

_All durability values are Float

Also found how to set the Bonus Armor for chest items, tested and stable for 2 bytes value

The extras also include how to change the Any weapon penetration value and replace it with any valid 4 bytes value, an extreme penetration, something like 1000 or more, make the weapon ignore armor and can double the basic damage, didn't found a stable way to change accuracy or basic damage yet

_Be warned that certain enemy may sometimes Reflect Back Ranged Damage, so be careful what you shot at with your shiny indestructible Pulse Rifle with 5000 penetration that can easily do 50-60 damage per shot

The extras also contain the value to change the actual weapon ammo, while this may be insignificant for common weapons, large energy weapon require the energy pack to be reloaded, which is quite impractical. With the instruction mentioned before you may set the actual ammo loaded inside the weapon to Any valid 4 Bytes value, completely removing the need to reload this weapon completely, the change is consistent between saves
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Re: Sword of The Stars - The Pit - Pilgrim 1.31/32/54

Post by eostenuv » Tue May 23, 2017 5:49 am

I am poor at English, so I am writing a sentence using a translation site.

None of the cheat engines you raised works at all in Sots the pit 1.5.8 version.
The one I saved before the contents were erased on the previous bulletin board was raised because it worked even at 1.5.8.
Once the file on the top of the game starts swinging, the durability and ammo will work.
Even if a message comes out, the durability does not actually consume, and it is possible to associate with a fragile weapon forever.
Because the gun does not consume anything inside the magazine, it can be said goodbye with bulky bullets.

The file below can be used except for No Psi Cost/Cooldown/Extend and Change ALL 1 items in inventory to 2, but there are some defects.

There are containers (lockers etc. not including weapons) that can be challenged even if they fail on part of Unlimited Interactive Object Uses / Require Only 1 TU, but most of them will not be able to operate with unlocking failure. Storage Pod and Armor Locker can be opened only once.

Float Durability Mover on Damage / Repair and All Weapon Reload 1 TU / Set Weapon Ammo / Dur does not have to be used because it has the above file.

Set Might To 160 - Extra Inventory Before Loading Save does not work for some characters, and if you use Lifter Pack or Pocket Tesseract during operation there is a problem with inventory.

Other than that it seems to work normally.
the pit.CT
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