Rogue State Money Hack

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Rogue State Money Hack

Post by STN » Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:20 am

Rogue State use a very interesting encryption that I do not know how to describe. However I did manage to find a way to hack the money.
Made by axeteam

So, basically, start the game and attach cheat engine to it. Search for an unknown 4 byte number. After the search results are out, go to infrastructure and buy something. Then change the search option to "decreased value", search again. Buy something and search again. After this, search between the value of 17000 and 18000. This should narrow you down to a few numbers. Look at the address of the numbers, the one that starts on 05 or 07 is usually the number. After selecting the data, add about 2000 to the number and you will have a lifetime of money.

If you still do not understand, you can look at my screenshots on Imgur.

Since the latest updates (version 1.33 I believe) the old way of hacking MONEY stopped working.

But there is a way to get tons of money for the budget:
-"hack INCOME" not stored treasury money.

1.Search for Income value (should be positive) by searching 4Byte and Unknown Initial Value
2.Ingame: Go to Budget/Treasury and change taxes (increase it). Now the number for income changed from eg +5m to +7m
3.Search "Increased value" then "Unchanged value" (this makes the searching repetition quicker)
4.Repeat steps 2 and 3 untill you have like 1 or 2 addresses left.
5.Increase the adresses by 2000 and you should have "income" like +12459m per turn.
(making the whole address like 99999 or 10x bugger or something may give you a big NEGATIVE income, or cause problems. At best it will not work then.)

If you want to hack political power points
Not individual politician's Approval, but the points used to purchase ++rep with other countries or ethnic groups (eg +10 for Liberals).
Where: If you are a good leader, then after the senate popularity points exceed 100, then these are stored in a different window (to get there you must click the piggy-bank icon on the upper right side of the Parliament Support screen)

Now a suprise: These points are stored as 4bytes EXACT VALUE, so if during this turn there is 8points, then you look for exact "8", then wait a turn and search for a new "exact" value AS SHOWN in the point counter.

I hope I helped.
I also hope that the devs will not try to make user's lives harder by implementing further anti-cheat scripts.

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