Postal 2 : Steam-US-5020-Hotfix 1

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Postal 2 : Steam-US-5020-Hotfix 1

Post by STN » Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:18 am

I noticed a lack of support for this game and figured it would be a good place to start for my adventures with Cheat Engine. I found a working invincibility cheat for a much older version (find the link in the Table Extras, I can't post links yet) and expanded on it

Made by Seneekikaant

I added No Ammo Decrease, Increase Ammo, Infinite Items, Increase Item Amount

Infinite items, do not use if you feel compelled to pee on everything because the game will crash, just press * (or shift+*) instead to increase the amount you have.

If anyone feels like editing, go ahead, I don't own anything here, but please leave an updated version below so everyone can enjoy it.

Any feedback will be much appreciated as this is my first work with Cheat Engine (bar the occasional address lookup and edit)

edit : Fixed infinite ammo cheat, works with Paradise Lost as well.

edit 2: Fixed infinite ammo to work with Rocket Launcher as well

edit 3: Quite a big update here.
Added Apocalypse Weekend and Paradise Lost specific cheats to make the repetitive sections less repetitive.
Added cheat to make final boss battle for Apocalypse Weekend much quicker.
Be sure to follow instructions for each cheat, if there are any.
Table extras also updated

Edit 4: Fixed Infinite Items, you can now pee to your heart's content.
Easy Kill Kosher Cow God cheat now supports using:
Automatic Rifle
Hunting Rifle

Other weapons do various amounts of damage and the script would just get too long to accommodate all weapons.

I noticed a bit of a problem with the Easy Kill Kosher Cow God cheat, it uses the exact same instruction as infinite ammo, so you can't have both cheats enabled at the same time. I'm too inexperienced to figure out how to reference the script from within another script, but I'll figure it out one day.

If there's any problems or suggestions, please leave them down below, I'll check up on the thread every few days, but for now, this will be the final update because pretty much everything you need to get all 88 achievements is here

you could try this for inf ammo





mov eax,[Engine.dll+004C6810]
mov eax,[eax+2C]
mov eax,[eax+30]
mov eax,[eax+240]
mov eax,[eax+2E4]
mov eax,[eax+2A8]
mov word ptr [eax+2A4], #100

db E8 03

push #500
call sleep
cmp [end],01
jne inf_ammo

dd 0

dd 01
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