Darksiders 1.1 GOG version +6

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Darksiders 1.1 GOG version +6

Post by STN » Sat Apr 15, 2017 10:17 pm

Darksiders 1.1 (GOG version) +6

Well, I couldn't find one for the 1.1 gog version so I made one my self. I am an extreme Noob so its just NOPing to keep things from decreasing.

Inf Health (No Decrease)
Inf blue Souls (No Decrease when buy something)
Inf Wrath (No Decrease)
Inf Chaos Form (Infinite Time in Chaos form)
Chaos Gauge (No Decrease)
Inf Ruin Sprint (Sprint Gauge always full)

For Inf Chaos form just use the same keys/button to get out of chaos form that you used to get into chaos form.
For Chaos Gauge no decrease: After using chaos form, you must use SWORD to hit something at least ONCE and gauge will be completely full again.

Also GOG disables the alt-tab on a lot of their games, including Darksiders making it so you can't minimize the game It uses "sdbinst" in windows. So, create a new text file, name it anything so long as you change the extension to a .bat file and put it in your Darksiders main folder and run the .bat file. Here is what the .bat file should say:


@echo off
set DSDIR=E:\Games\Darksiders
sdbinst -u "%DSDIR%\goggame.sdb"
sdbinst -u "%DSDIR%\goggame_add.sdb"

Change the "E:\Games\Darksiders" in the .bat file to whatever path you have Darksiders installed to and run the .bat file. That should remove the alt-tab protection that GOG uses. NOTE: You may have to run the .bat file as administrator.
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Re: Darksiders 1.1 GOG version +6

Post by Blayde » Sun Aug 27, 2017 12:40 pm

Try this.
File:options.dopt (It must be somewhere in C:/)
01 Fullscreen
00 Window

No more alt-tab.Just pause the game (Esc).


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