Devil May Cry Special Edition +>300

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Devil May Cry Special Edition +>300

Post by STN » Sat Apr 15, 2017 4:22 pm

Made by akumakuja28

This is my first table post. Prolly Wont be my last. Table is Rather Incomplete.

I was really into console hacking back in the day with gamesharks. So this whole table is pointer based.

New in BOLD

Health Current/Max
Devil Trigger Current/Max
No One Takes Damage
Devil Trigger Minimum Value Adjust
Air Hike

infinite Skystar
infinite Trickster teleport
Gilgamesh Instant Charge
Handgun And Shot Gun Timer - Set value over 185
Current Style Pointer

Gun Charge
-Current Charge
-Fulll Charge Toggle
-Is Charging Toggle
-Charge Power Graphic Indicator

Exceed Parameters - Complete
-Exceed Gauge
-Exceed Phase
-Bar Value
-Base Value
-Base Target
-Base Charge Value
-Parameter Speed
-Parameter Add
-Parameter Speed (MAX)
-Parameter Subtract Speed
-Parameter Bar Max Value
infinite air calibur

Fast Lighting Kick Charge

Unlimited Trick Ups
Concentration Value Control
Beowulf Super Charge
Trick X2 Script //Edit for More
Beowulf Regular Jump

- Equipment Pointer-
-Animation Data-
Not very usefull But it is for a future idea of isolating movements.
If you lock the Handgun stance and use the Shotgun its rapid shotgun fire.

Comments welcome I had fun hacking this game.

New Editions -

Lock ON Data
- Current Lock On Target
-Enemy Attack Target
-Enemy Attack Target Last
_ Map Coords
Enemy Specific
_Last Hit Damage
_Most Aerial Enemys
BOSS Angels Frosts Blitz
_Angel Shield Health/Max
_Blitz Shield Health/Max
First Enemy In Memory
Position Scale

[center][big]Devil Trigger[/big][center] Activation Cost Adjust[/center]Devil Trigger Drain Rate Adjust
Devil Trigger Activation Minimum Threshold Adjust[/center][/b][center]

[big]Vergil [/big]
[big] Adjust Summoned Sword Cost [/big]
Make them cost 1 chevron of DT GAUGE or adjust to have them add chevrons to devil trigger gauge

[big]Yamoto Perfect Release[/big]
Check the box in the table then double click the value and set to 1
all charge all charge releases are now perfect execute releases

[big]Beowulf RISING SUN[/big]
The DMC3 kick up launcher is back and with vengeance it has Devil Trigger Distortion.

[big] Beowulf Charge GOD [/big]
The Charge Speed of Beowulf is accelerated by your concentration meter CAPCOM take notes

[big][big]Dante Trick Dash [/big][/big]
Hold lockon and press jump to dash left right and back. Hold lock on and forward to teleport to an enemy. Trickster syle is only needed for skystar

[big] Game Engine Unlocks [/big]
Start a new game and unlock all the moves without affecting your save data
The normal stuff
Current health check the box for infinite,Max health,No body takes damage,Red orb count, acquired, available,Devil trigger current check the box for infinite,
Devil trigger max,Air hike counter,Sky star counter,Air calibur counter,Trickster teleport counter,Freeze/toggle value at zero for infinite

Trick up adjust
Set how many trick ups you want[/center]

________________________________________________________NEW to 4.0_____________________________________________________________

[big]Camera [/big]

-Field Of View Adjust-

-Zoom Adjust-

[big]Judgment God[/big]

-Extra Slashes Based on Concentration-

[big]FFB Damage Manager[/big]
True to DMC's Must Style Option


Enemy Takes No Damage
You Take No Damage

-1 Hit Kills-

Get Hit DIE
Hit The Enemy Die

All Options Can be used in conjunction with Must Style Mode

Mission Data [/big]
-Time, Level, Room, Mode, Continue Counter-
Bonus & Penalty [/big]
-Took Damage, Used Item, Continued, etc-

[big]Enemy Devil Trigger [/big]

-Can be turned on at anytime-

Speed Adjustment for Activation

-Fast, Slow, Instant, etc-

Thr is much more i forgot to list also


Cheat Engine Installed Cheat Engine 6.4 Download

Download Link Below
[big]akumakuja28 Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition Table 4.0[/big]

1. Launch Your Game, Alt TAB out and open the file you downloaded it will trigger the windows warning click yes.

2.The Table will give you a Confirmation pop up click YES

3.Check the Box next to Enable to Activate the Cheat Table

Table is well organized and color coded for ease of use.

(300.32 KiB) Downloaded 686 times

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