Deus Ex Human Revolution & Director's Cut (All Versions)

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Deus Ex Human Revolution & Director's Cut (All Versions)

Post by STN » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:03 am

Made by gir489

I saw the directors cut is coming out soon so I decided to take another crack at Deus Ex Human Revolution. Everything in the table uses AoBScan so it should work on the new director's cut.

I got tired of doing the search for items each time, so I found a much easier and convenient way of editing items.

After enabling inventory hack, go in to your inventory and select the item. Make sure the submenu comes up next to it. ALT+TAB out to Cheat Engine, and it should display its stats.

Here's a table of IDs for reference.

D9 05 10mm Pistol Ammo
1E 50 Revolver Ammo
F0 51 Machine Pistol Ammo
26 21 Combat Rifle Ammo
3D 55 Heavy Rifle Ammo
E0 2C Shotgun Ammo
8F 58 P.E.P.S. Energy Pack
4A 3B Sniper Rifle Ammo
19 2E Tranquilizer Darts
13 2E Stun Gun Darts
D9 2C Crossbow Arrows
78 DB Grenade Launcher Ammo
8E 4A Rockets
F8 8E Laser Rifle Energy Pack
F7 8E Plasma Rifle Capsule Pack
A8 56 Typhoon Ammo

D8 05 10mm Pistol
C0 1E 10mm Pistol (Armor Piercing)
64 5A Revolver
8C 5E Revolver (Explosive Rounds)
34 4A Machine Pistol
33 4A Machine Pistol (Target Seeking System)
FC 28 Combat Rifle
FB 28 Combat Rifle (Target Seeking)
74 90 Heavy Rifle
73 90 Heavy Rifle (Cooling System)
E8 2C Shotgun
E7 2C Shotgun (Burst Round System)
A7 71 Double-Barrelled Shotgun
3F 69 P.E.P.S.
F7 51 Sniper Rifle (Stock)
A8 71 Sniper Rifle (Silenced)
A4 71 Tranquilizer Rifle
84 91 Tranquilizer Rifle (Target Leading System)
24 50 Stun Gun
E7 B6 Crossbow
E6 B6 Crossbow (Target Leading System)
84 DB Grenade Launcher
95 4A Rocket Launcher
94 4A Rocket Launcher (Heat Targeting System)
F9 8E Laser Rifle
0F 91 Plasma Rifle
0E 91 Plasma Rifle (Cooling System)

DA 05 Frag Grenade
DB 05 Concussion Grenade
63 5A Gas Grenade
3E 58 EMP Grenade
9A 1C Frag Mine
40 1C Concussion Mine
F7 5D Gas Mine
3D 58 EMP Mine
D4 56 Mine Template
A6 71 Remote Detonated Explosive Device
9B C1 Automatic Unlocking Device

8C 69 Rate of Fire Mod
17 50 Reload Speed Weapon Mod
D5 6F Damage Output Weapon Mod
EF 28 Ammo Capacity Upgrade
D7 A5 Silencer Mod
28 5E Laser Targeting Mod
80 29 Armor Piercing Rounds Mod (10mm Pistol)
C7 C8 Exploding Rounds Mod (Revolver)
91 EF Target Seeking Mod (Machine Pistol / Combat Rifle)
?? ?? Burst Round System Mod (Shotgun)
62 5A Leading Targeting Mod (Tranquilizer Rifle / Crossbow)
E5 C4 Heat Targeting System Mod (Rocket Launcher)
E0 AB Cooling System Mod (Heavy Rifle / Plasma Rifle)

1C 26 Painkillers
2E 40 Beer (Mahara Jah Hot Devil Ale)
FD 2D Beer (Hefecrocken Beer)
B6 4D Beer (Old Folks Brown Ale)
A1 C1 Beer (Purple Dragon Beer)
42 63 Vodka (Extreme Crimson Premium Vodka)
81 4E Whiskey
E0 A6 Wine
D2 2C Hypostim
92 2C CyberBoost ProEnergy Bar
0A 26 CyberBoost ProEnergy Pack
9F 4C CyberBoost ProEnergy Jar

A1 2D Stop! Worm Software
66 2C Nuke Virus Software

Other: (Crashes)
58 06 Credit Chip
C2 2C Praxis Kit

Credits to mgr.inz.Player for posting a method of finding the items.
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John Alister
What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Deus Ex Human Revolution & Director's Cut (All Versions)

Post by John Alister » Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:53 pm

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