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Post by STN » Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:19 am

Simple table for Collapse, may or may not work.

Fixes / new options request that also provide savegames will have a higher chance of being looked at.

Usage info:
Scripts with "To Activate: XXX" can only be activated (put an "X" into the box) after doing action XXX.
Scripts with "To Update: XXX" will only update their effect after doing action XXX.
Addresses with "XXX? (0 = No, 1 = Yes)" will enable the script effect XXX when 1 is put into the Value.

1. Player Stats.
"Player Health Set to Massive?" will set Health to 9999999 (effectively Godmode).

2. Ammo / Energy Stats.
"Ammo Clip / Energy Set to Massive?" will set Ammo Clip / Energy to 9999999.

Made by Shinkansen
Shinkansen Collapse V1000.CT
(9.34 KiB) Downloaded 181 times

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