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Post by STN » Sat Apr 15, 2017 12:13 am

Table includes:
Made by cooleko
Character Select Stats all 99
Use during Character Select, upon character change it will set the stats to 99. Turn off before starting game or it will crash.

Set Frag Dust Runes Food to 9999
Use anytime during game once you have used or gained all four at least once. Just activate the scripts until all four are finally activated (Once again, you have to use or receive a resource before the script works)

Trade for 9999 Frags, Add 9999 to current Dust & Food
When trading with a merchant, upon trade accept, will modify the values.

MaxStats for Me, Min Stats for You, No Cooldowns
Start a battle, activate the script, use mouse to hover all portraits a few times (this makes them drop down and stats viewable) to trigger updates for all characters. Wears off every time you close the game. Do not leave script on because it will eventually crash the game (some of the pointers aren't always initialized)

Set character HP to 99 and Enemy HP to 1 in Battle
Start a battle, deal or take damage, activate and forget. Will always set your HP to 99 and enemy HP to 1 (if >1). Enemies will die in 1 or two hits depending on when you activated the script. I did not test with setting HP to 0 for enemies, you are welcome to try.

Establish Game Settings Pointer
Allows the editing of starting resources, reputation rewards, legal dust limit and health cured per food eaten
Activate in Main Menu for starting resources to work, anywhere for others to work[/list]
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