Freespace 2 FSOpen 3.7.2 Table and Editor (100+)

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Freespace 2 FSOpen 3.7.2 Table and Editor (100+)

Post by STN » Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:52 pm

Made by gid2525

**EDIT** Fixed a stat on the Hornet missile for FSport (Swarm and Swarwait)

Freespace 2 FsOpen 3.7.2. Also works with FSport 3.5 (freespace 1), Operation Templar, Silent Threat Reborn and any other mod that uses Fsopen with MediaVps 3.6.12, 2014. For Fsport Mediavps 3.6.12 and 2014 version 3.5. FSOpen 3.7.4 FINAL is set to come out soon so I will update it when it does. Not doing 3.7.RC3 or any of the betas, only 3.7.4 final when it come out.

When you include the editors there are well OVER 100 options.

Hull Health Infinite (Hull Only)
Hull Current Hitpoints
Shield Max Hitpoints - Might have to wait for it to charge up at beginning of mission if its much larger than the default size for the ship though
Shield Instant Recharge - Recharges instantly when shield is hit
Subsystem Current Hitpoints Freeze (Player Only)
Subsystem Health Freeze (player,Allies, and Enemies)
Afterburner Fuel (Infinite)
Afterburner Set Max Speed
Countermeasures (Infinite)
Primary Weapon Energy (Infinite)
Missiles (Infinite)
Missile Banks- Amount of Missiles in Banks1,2,3
Missile Refire Timer Set to 1 second
Missile Instant Lock (Must select Enable and FREEZE it for it to work)
Missile Rapid Fire *BARRAGE* Massive constant stream of missiles as long as the missile button/key is held down. Tap the button for a second to only fire a few at once Razz Better set the infinite missiles first though.

FsPort (Freespace 1/Operation Templar/Silent Threat Reborn) EDITORS:
Note:Always use pulldown boxes
Ship Selector:Only USE Ship Selector in flight deck and then Freeze the slection. From then on every mission will only use the ship you have selected. Don't use it in the loadout screen as its very buggy.
Ship Editor: Edit the stats of ALL Playable Player and Ally ships
IN Mission Weapon Select/Change: Change your weapons during the mission to any the game offers.
Loadout Screen Weapon Select/Change: Change weapons to what you want in the loadout screen before mission starts
Weapon Editor: Edits ALL player/ally weapon stats

Freespace 2 EDITORS (Freespace 2 and its mods)
Same as Above.

Make sure you only choose the editor in the section of what mod/game you are playing- One section for Fsport (Freespace 1 stuff) and one section for Freespace 2 stuff as the ships/weapons are different.

To get a Rapid fire PRIMARY weapon choose a primary weapon as one of your missile ports (you can do this with the editors) and select Missile Rapid Fire BARRAGE.
Some of the options in the ship Editor only work if they are first set before you enter the mission. Best to set what you want during briefing or on the flight deck and freeze the values. All weapon and Ship editors edit the actual weapon and ship info for the entire game like a mod so if your allies use that particular weapon or ship they too will have the same abilities. Best to choose a ship and weapons your allies don't use if only you want to have the edited stuff.

For reference:

For ships Fs1 and FS2: ... rran_Craft ... -era_craft

To figure out what all the stats are to edit see here:

Weapons: ... _%28FS1%29 ... _%28FS2%29

For the weapon editor:

You WILL need to look at the ships.tbl and Weapons.tbl info at hardlight to see how to set some of the stats for what you want to do.
Please let me know if this works for you as I am a newb at this but the pointers should be good.
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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Freespace 2 FSOpen 3.7.2 Table and Editor (100+)

Post by daniel181 » Wed May 02, 2018 2:45 pm

does this one also work with 3.8.0?

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Freespace 2 FSOpen 3.7.2 Table and Editor (100+)

Post by Shadow_Wulfe » Mon May 28, 2018 4:30 am

Doesn't appear to work with the 3.8 version. I'm using the 32 version if that makes a difference?

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Re: Freespace 2 FSOpen 3.7.2 Table and Editor (100+)

Post by CaesarCzech » Tue Dec 25, 2018 12:45 pm

Update coming ? its been a few months after all.

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