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Post by STN » Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:29 pm

Made by panraven

GoG version, game ver shuld be patched to 1.2, the table use AoB, hopefully work for other versions, if any.

- quick mana regen
- quick hp regen
- shop item cost 1

- custom screen size, only work for full screen, and need to choose 800x600 from option menu; the game always start with 640x480, the selected resolution is effective after entered the game stage; copy and paste a screen entry, and edit the resolution number inside the script to fit your desired screen size;
- helper script to replace small.fnt (larger small-text in hd screen, but consequently some text will be oversized)

1. the game seems only can be run properly on 16-bit color screen.
2. I make shortcut to NOX.exe with the following parameter:
- a. windowed: -safe -swindow
- b. full-screen: -safe -window
3. Note on failed cheat 'itm use'. It is only visual. The game seems encrypted the real data of the item count/stack number. The searchable visual item count is in some format like : 64 81 0A 0A 14 (this actual number of spark arrow). where 81-0A seems the item slot id (0A81), mutable on the same item, while next 0A is current item count(10), 14 the max item count(20).
I failed to trace the real data from there, it seems the game make a lot encrypt de-crypt relocation on many similar data when updating the values.

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