DARK (PC, 2013)

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DARK (PC, 2013)

Post by STN » Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:32 am

Made by Csimbi

Here's a table I made for this vampire-themed Thief/Dishonored-like stealth game. I liked it, I hope they'll make a follow-up.

It's for update 4, but it's an AOB table so it might work for other versions, too.

The table contains:
- Save count reseter; this one resets the save game count when you open the main menu (so you can save as many times as you like).
- Skill timer disabler; some skills start a timer when they are used. This prevents starting the timer in the first place.
- Minimum skill points; so you can pick any number of skills. Note: you'll need at least one skill point to begin with (which should be very easy as you get one at every 1000XP). Configurable via iMinSkillPoints.
- God mode; obvious.
- Enemy blinder; this renders the enemies blind, meaning that they cannot see you even if you stand in front of them. They can still hear you though.
- Forgetfulness; this one makes the enemies forget about you faster (the hostile bar goes down much faster). Configurable via fForgetfulnessRate, which is basically a multiplier for the degeneration value (the higher the multiplier, the faster it goes down).
- Minimum blood; so you'd never run out. Note: you'll need at least one to begin with. Configurable via iMinBlood.

All options except Enemy blinder are enabled by default.

I also attached my developer's table with code points, a few pointers and partially decoded structures for those who are interested.
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