Extended Breast Scaling in She Will Punish Them

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Extended Breast Scaling in She Will Punish Them

Post by Simiche »

Just tested to see if certain customisations could be enhanced further than the maximum value portrayed by the game and it turns it can be further enhanced with the use of Cheat Engine which is great! The settings work well but can be a bit finicky with the numbers. Changing the 3rd and 4th digits work well. Have a try of it and see what you think.

How to use this cheat table?
  1. Install Cheat Engine
  2. Double-click the .CT file in order to open it.
  3. Click the PC icon in Cheat Engine in order to select the game process.
  4. Keep the list.
  5. Activate the trainer options by checking boxes or setting values from 0 to 1
She Will Punish Them BScales.zip
Password: simiche
(787 Bytes) Downloaded 30 times

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