[REQ] W.O.R.L.D.S: Win Own Reinvent Live Discover Sim

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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[REQ] W.O.R.L.D.S: Win Own Reinvent Live Discover Sim

Post by JasonC » Tue Jun 30, 2020 5:46 am

Game Name: W.O.R.L.D.S: Win Own Reinvent Live Discover Sim // WORLDS
Game Engine: Unsure
Game Version:
Options Required: EXP edit, coins edit, quantity of resources edit
Windows Website: https://www.microsoft.com/p/worlds-buil ... 6p9t9jjcjm
Other Info:
Stupid name, I know. Makes it hard to find stuff online. Also referred to just as WORLDS.
https://www.microsoft.com/p/worlds-buil ... 6p9t9jjcjm

Process is WorldofEvolution.exe

Mostly looking for something change the Experience level next to your level (ex: Level 17 with 7432/9300) as I can't find the figure with increase or exact.
Also if possible quantity of items held (change 3 Wool to 30 Wool for example).
I don't think Diamonds are possible as they synch server-side I assume. But coins should be doable.

It's a watered-down town building game. While it does have online friends towns, none of the game has town v town or anything. Just resource mining and building.

Thank you great people ^_^ !

EDIT: I should add that Speedhack appears to work, but then the game goes into an error loop of not being able to connect to their server when collecting resources (though you can still start new resources). It eventually comes out of it, but not sure what causes it to stop the loop so you can continue playing.

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