[Need help] Minecraft Dungeons DPS Meter

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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[Need help] Minecraft Dungeons DPS Meter

Post by SylvainDNS »

Hi everyone!

With an other guy, we wanted to build a DPS meter for Minecraft Dungeons game.

At the moment, this game does not provide any API, so we think that using memory should be a good idea.

We are new with CheatEngine, and it is difficult to find what we want.

If someone can provide us a[B] CheatEngine table[/B], it will be a pleasure!

As it is a DPS meter, [B]we need to find where is stored[/B] :


[*]Each hit damage

[*]Each player name

[*]Damages made by each player in the current dungeon


Then, we will make the technical realisation.

Here what the project should look:


[INDENT][IMG width="456px"]https://i.ibb.co/mqw8Yct/mc-dps-meter.png[/IMG][/INDENT]

[INDENT]Each line represent a player[/INDENT]



[*]Number: Player rank based on total damage

[*]Name: Player name

[*]DPS: Damage per second

[*]Total damage: Total damage made in the current dungeon

[*]Percentage: Percentage of total damage compared to the group


[INDENT][U]Technical realisation:[/U] [SPOILER="Only for developer"][/SPOILER][/INDENT]

[SPOILER="Only for developer"]

[INDENT]Here how we think we will develop this DPS meter:[/INDENT]


[INDENT][B]All this information is subject to change.[/B][/INDENT]



[INDENT]We wanted to make a simple app at the beginning, so we will use [URL='https://github.com/electron/electron']electron[/URL], and [URL='https://github.com/preactjs/preact']preact[/URL] as JS lib.[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Advancement is 50%.[/INDENT]


[INDENT][U]Get datas:[/U][/INDENT]

[INDENT]We need to read memory, so we think that using [URL='https://github.com/rust-lang/rust']Rust[/URL] should be a good idea.[/INDENT]

[INDENT]As we're using JS to consume datas, we will try to make a JS module with [URL='https://github.com/neon-bindings/neon']Neon[/URL][/INDENT]

[INDENT]Advancement is 0%.[/INDENT]




The project will be Open Source, and each contributor will be credited!


Hi guys !

We're avancing a lot on the DPS meter, especially the UI.

We are still looking for someone who could help us to explore memory.

You can see here how the DPS metre look :

[URL]https://github.com/CraftZoo/mc-dungeons-dps-meter[/URL][IMG width="668px"]https://i.ibb.co/R9ctw1k/app.png[/IMG]
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