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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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007 Legends +6 trainer

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Hi there !! Here my contribution for James Bond Game !!
1. Inf Health
2.Inf Ammo (grenade launcher 999 ammo)
3.(it's a buggy option ..game will crush ...but I added that option cz any one who is good in script writing,will fix it by himself!!) Weapons grenade ammo script....
4. one hit kill+invisible
5. one hit kill for countering an enemy
6. no over heat
Inf_Health: it will restore your health !!
Inf ammo: it will give u inf ammo for any bullet weapons... But if u use grenade launcher then u have to enable the sub option and 1 reload will give u 999 ammo ....u can increase it by Editting script value...But AK-47 grenade launchers will not be unlimited ..but I've determined the address and placed it in the table !!!
buggy option..try to fix: I'm noob in scripting so i couldn't make it....Don't Enable this option... Game will crush!! Just try to make it work if u have enough knowledge!!Let me know if u fix this!!
Happy gaming!!!
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