Create a "ghost/invisible mode" for npc's

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Create a "ghost/invisible mode" for npc's

Post by aliga »

Hi, I want to create an invisible hack for npc's with cheat engine. I'm working on a trainer for a horrorgame and a "ghost mode" (enemies ignore u) would be very cool... but I have no idea how to find the "detect" value in CE from of the npc's. Someone have an idea? I tried to find the right flag with Ultimap, but this is a bit weird and all addresses I found there, will crash the game when I nop the functions/addresses. My additional problem is that I'm not so familiar with this area, so it would be really nice if someone could explain that to me step by step.

How it should work?
When I activate the script, all enemies in the game should ignore me. They just walk around and "search" me.

Somone have an idea?

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Re: Create a "ghost/invisible mode" for npc's

Post by STN »

If there is an alert meter that turns white to red, you can search that.

Use speedhack. That should help with search too.

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