[REQUEST] Survival Vacancy

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[REQUEST] Survival Vacancy

Post by qristobalcat »

Hi Guys!

I did try CE manually (I use it often) but this game didn't bring ANY memory number (even trying 'all' types).
would it be protected? IDK Maybe need special config for CE? No idea Java? I don't think so.

But I know for any safebox there is a key which open it, and there are several genius out there.

Game is awesome, the type (like oxygen not included) that I love. Even it is in Beta worth to play with it.

Try it! Seems not popular baby game yet on Google, hard to find something about.

I need only:
infinite item, since is boring to wait for everything to get it done. Make 1, boom, 999..
Infinite energy (?): meh, with the first one you get anything else I guess, just for now.


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Re: [REQUEST] Survival Vacancy

Post by cfemen »

created on version : 0.6.22392-131219

mh its not really a game that i like but yeah 2 simple options:

Inf. JetPack

Open Inventory = All Items 100
-as title says:
activate script
open inventory
items are all 100


btw there is a template for requests, you should use it next time:
Survival Vacancy.CT
Game Version : 0.6.22392-131219
(296.44 KiB) Downloaded 49 times

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