Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour v1281109(Plaza) +7 Trainer

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Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour v1281109(Plaza) +7 Trainer

Post by vova123 » Wed Apr 05, 2017 8:47 pm

Tested on Windows 7 x64
Game version - 1281109(Plaza)
Software used - Cheat Engine 6.6 (www.cheatengine.org)

For SINGLEPLAYER use only. If You try to use it with original STEAM version, make sure to run the game in OFFLINE mode.
I would also recommend to do a backup of Your "Saved Games", before trying to use it.

Make sure, that "NUM LOCK" on Yor keyboard is "ON", before using it.

Trainer options:

F1 - Infinite Health - Gives You 999 infinite health, so You won`t die from any "normal" kinds of
damage - gun shots, explosions, etc... You can still die though from some "instant death"
kinds of damage - fall from a great height, get squished or something like that.

NUMPAD "/" - ALL Weapons - Gives You all weapons.

NUMPAD "*" - Unlimited All Ammo - Gives You unlimited 999 ammunition for all of the weapons.

NUMPAD "-" - Unlimited All Inventory - Gives You all inventory items with unlimited capacity. Change ( or use
by in-game "hot key" ) inventory items to see the effect. Since "Steroids" can`t be turned off,
after activating it will deplete as usual, until it will run out and turned off; but after
that it will be set back at 100%, so You can use it again.Sorry, that's the best i could
come up with.

NUMPAD ".(del)" - All Keys - Gives You all keycards.

PAGE UP - God Mode ON - Enables in-game "God Mode" cheat, so, as far as i'm concerned, You can`t die AT ALL.
But, sometimes, You can instantly die, if You disable it ( i'm guessing, if You took some pretty
serious hit previously ).

PAGE DOWN - God Mode OFF - Disable "God Mode".

INSERT - No Clipping Mode ON - Enables in-game "No Clipping Mode" cheat, so You can walk through walls.

DELETE - No Clipping Mode OFF - Disable "No Clipping Mode".

Download trainer:

Cheat table:

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