Save / Load values (presets)

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Save / Load values (presets)

Post by nattydread011 »

(complete newbie here)

I was wondering if there is a somewhat simple way of saving a few values after modifying them so I can quickly load them up again when I reboot the game or load a different area? (addresses never change btw)
Ideally making a sort of 'preset' of values.

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Re: Save / Load values (presets)

Post by Twistedself »

~~lua section, gave ASM answer~~ Deleted
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Re: Save / Load values (presets)

Post by TheyCallMeTim13 »

This is a Lua module I use to save and load table states, but it only enables scripts. But I like to make the scripts set my default values.

I2CETState: [Link]
I2CEHelpers: [Link]
I2CETLogger: [Link]
And they all use the MIT licence so you're free to do whatever you want with them.

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