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Mortal Kombat 11 launcher by CH

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 6:11 pm
by SunBeam
Hear ye, hear ye :)

So CH posted their nice trainer with an extra feature ;) A "launcher". Considering it was like yesterday when we were bitching over file integrity and how my Far Cry 5 bypass in the form of the patches done to the game's DLL "modifies game files and is illegal" and their trainer doesn't touch the files at all (cuz it was a loader), I'm guessing they gave up on that pathetic ploy. Mortal Kombat 11 is not a game that deserves mercy, as in one can modify game files as they please, disregarding principles sustained across time towards the community they've built. Much like politicians' promises, so does CH's claim over not touching the user's files vanish in the mist of time. "Oh, but we do not modify the user's files". Keep reading.

The so-called "launcher" is called.. well.. Launcher.exe. The moment I opened it up in my debugger I saw SetFilePointer API. What I know about this API is that it's commonly used in file patching. So without even running the process I knew the "launcher" is a "patcher". And this shit below..


.. is only put there to mislead people and leave no room for interpretation. "Dear user, you have to run the game only with the launcher, else it won't work". Well, dear CH user, run it one time from Launcher.exe, exit game, then run MK11.exe. See what happens. Oh, even more, just to be nicer, leave Cheat Engine open while running MK11.exe :D I wonder if you'll see any detection messages...

Still not convinced? OK. Here goes. IDA time:
  • no one ever in coding history would call-up WriteFile (or bring it in IAT) in their program to do nothing (you can't even tell the compiler to leave it out, unless it's used ;))
  • I had to rescan my Steam folder to get the original file back in place
- original file with timestamp in CFF Explorer:


- same MK11.exe file after having run Launcher.exe one time:


So, no, dear user, CH does not touch your files and God forbid anything else.

Find this constructive or destructive, I don't care. Same as I don't care you decompiling the DLL I posted. Say, want the source, just PM me.

I'll leave the Launcher.exe's decompiled .c code in attach, just so you have a nice look at it.


Re: Mortal Kombat 11 - table v: 1.0.6 CT

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 6:40 pm
by SunBeam
And since I've not touched base with the most sensitive subject - "What do they actually patch? Did they steal from public knowledge? I hear they have their own private methods" - well, you be the judge of the below:


If we take the first one, go there (Ctrl+G) in the physical MK11.exe in a hex editor, we see this:


Now Ctrl+C over that array of 5 bytes, then open up MK11.exe in x64dbg, head to Memory Map, Ctrl+B, tick Entire Block, Ctrl+V, OK. Boom:


And then:



Remember the Anti-CE thread function? Yeah, that's right. All he's doing is 0xC3 on the JMP. But not just a 0xC3, he also puts 0x90 bytes to pad the extra 4 bytes in the JMP sequence. Well, mind me asking, if a fucking function hits the C3, will it EVER execute the rest of the 4 bytes? Why bother padding then? o_O That's what I call being "gamehacking" consistent: see 4 bytes amiss, NOP them. That's how you grew up :D

"Thank you, public community for helping us maintain our business" - - said no one ever.

Let's continue:




The Memory Integrity thread function.

And lastly, the coup-de-grace :)




Now let's have a look at what my DLL does:


1) It kills the Anti-CE thread creation. The result is the thread running the function Caliber patches to 0xC3 never runs. This was made public on the 2nd of June.

2) It kills the Memory Integrity thread creation. The result is the thread running the function Caliber patches to 0xC3 never runs. This was made public on the 2nd of June.

3) The last check was not made public at all - maybe just hinted on - which means he just ripped it off the DLL itself :) I wouldn't want to believe with the amount of work Caliber has to do in 1 day, week, month - that he's bragged so much about with each occasion he gets - he had both the v1.0 .exe and the time to compare the two, study what's new in terms of added code content, and figured out + devised the SAME IDENTICAL method I used to skip all the "extra" code being run. Which kills the CRC32 checks.

So, based on the screenshot above:

- uint64_t fCRC32Skip = pGame + 0x9D8860;
- pGame is the base module's address --> 0000000140000000; then: 0000000140000000 + 0x9D8860 == 1409D8860


Anyone messing around with my temper again, acting surprised CH does this shit, fuck off. You have the proof right there.

Come out, CH acolytes, time for the ban-hammer!

Sun, out.

P.S.1: Yeah, I just noticed that I left FreeLibrary in DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH :D :D

P.S.2: Nether, your move ;)

Re: Mortal Kombat 11 - table v: 1.0.6 CT

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 9:11 am
by SunBeam
CaliberCHResponder wrote:
Wed Jun 05, 2019 11:37 pm
Listen up, buster.

When I came up with the EAC patching solution for Far Cry 5 and put that into the game's DLL (which was 200MB big, the .DLL), what did CH say? Let me remind you:



The fact that you modify the game .exe (thus the EXE not being original) represents a crack. The code is not in its original form, hence what you do is the opposite of what you preach. If you think the above bullshit is not your creed, then dissociate from PWizard. But no, you're an associate now, so Caliber or PWizard, I'm speaking to CH.

"1) clearly you have an account at our site, and are looking at our work far more than I am looking at yours here"

Seems like I have to repeat this shit. Back in 2008 we had a dispute, people in my RE team were massively distributing "DRM-free" trainers from CH to the public (DRM-free = removing the user name and patterns you used to detect who "leaked" the trainer). You bitched. Started acting cocky like you always do. Then started banning people stupidly in your database. Then people got pissed, because they didn't leak shit. 1,2,3 - how many did you ban? That's right. Then you stopped. Why? Because you would have to ban too many. Where I'm going with this - - I don't fucking need an account at CH to get a trainer. I can get it in various ways, whenever interested, like now (funny how your bypass surfaced 4 days after the public already had one). One of the ways - repeating this - is to impersonate one Premium CH user and download the trainer just like that. You seem to forget that.

Then.. I don't need an account cuz you retards act all communist and shit, banning anyone that doesn't fit the "all hail CH" profile. In short, why bother make an account, when anything I'd post (even when trying to help your faggy asses) gets deleted. You seem to forget this part as well. FRF hasn't done shit against you, in the same fashion you did (@people: if you constantly get Error 404 when trying to post @ CH know you've been silenced/banned), till you started taking advantage of the opportunity and flaunted CH all over the place here. That's when I decided to act and silence you. Taste of your own medicine, eh?

"far more" my ass. I don't give a fuck about your trainers till some situation like this surfaces and I feel compelled to check and demonstrate you USE PUBLIC knowledge without crediting shit. And I will continue to do this dance.

"2) I guess it's just not possible that anyone else can come up with a solution to these games other than you"


That's screaming "we won't use SunBeam method cuz it contradicts our creed.." (but mostly cuz it's SunBeam). So fuck off with the attitude. You did it slightly "differently" (it's not the method, but the effect) cuz you knew this would happen. And it did happen. 2 nice posts of comparisons. Eat up.


It's not about what YOU CAN do; it's about what YOU HAVE THE TIME TO DO. All the shit you flaunt around - you do this and that, 2387192 games a week/month/year - I'm sure that leaves no time for - yet again - CRACKING an anti-cheating protection. Yes, modifying original game code and storing those modifications in the game's physical file constitutes a CRACK. So while you "don't touch the DRM", you cracked the game :D Fucking idiots trying to teach the mass the shit they do is right while others' is wrong. And while at it, you dicked into the DLL I made public (I can see the IPs of the people who downloaded it), then, just so it doesn't raise suspicions, you chose different patching spots. Right, I wouldn't see it :wink: :wink:

"4) BTW, the scanner (you are calling CRC32 scanner) has that timing function so that the game modifies it's speed internally to match any slowdown the stupid scanning threads are causing. I am not sure why you chose the spot you chose or whatever, as it seems random, or you probably have no clue what that function is/was doing, you just noticed that (your original method) cancelling it out caused some speed issues."

One at a time. I'm sure you're not stranger to quick and dirty methods, whereas you NOP some shit and see the effect. Usually, when some checking mechanism is part of a function and you can't see some jump outside of it that would skip calling said function, you go with a RET at the function's epilogue. Simple. Doing that the first time showed an increase in game's speed. So, that's when I started delving into what the function does. "I am not sure why you chose the spot you chose or whatever, as it seems random, or you probably have no clue what that function is/was doing" - - that's where you're fucking wrong. I called this on you first, bitch. You chose that JUMP because you noticed that doing it would bypass the checks. Not cuz you knew what it jumps over and why.

But then again, I have that TIME you don't and studied the difference between the same function in v1.0 and v1.2 of the game .exe. That's how I knew exactly what's extra and where to patch the way I patched stuff T_T I'm guessing your retarded functionality doesn't conceive CODE COMPARISONS. Tim supplied 1.0, as I didn't have it anymore.

So, before you go "yeah, you need that to figure out simple stuff" - fuck you. I document my shit and my posts kinda demonstrate that. Yours, not that often (cuz you don't have time, as you do 28937219837 titles in 1 second, minute, hour) and not that detailed. The era when you talked in private messages to people and tried to keep stuff private is long gone.

"I've been down this path before, where I take the time to post, rebut shit, and otherwise defend myself, only to have you or your ballsack holder Tim:

1) ban me
2) block me
3) change my posts
4) manipulate what I am saying"

You were silenced in the same way CH did with me. The decision was not unilateral, it came after studying your behavior, that you come to FRF only when it benefits CH and advertising. Pretty much like you did with your next post, advertising the "new" loader. Which I took down. Here, something for you:

"I actually have arrived at the time where I don't care."

It's funny. You complain not having time to do this and that, yet you took YOUR TIME to create an account and write-up a long-ass post. This shows oh-so much how you do not care. That's what people do when it comes to EGO.

"using directx old .dll method"

Are you fucking retarded? What "directx method"? This has nothing to do with D3D (not directx, learn the difference between them). Do you know what a PROXY DLL is? Google it. I could've used any fucking system DLL mimic (I even have a "version.dll" proxy). Do you know you can mimic exports and have Windows load a DLL into a game WITHOUT A FUCKING LAUNCHER? No. You obviously don't, you fucking stone-age prick. I'd say the method I used is quite ingenious (notice how I almost never say "my method"? yeah, that's right; "my DLL, my trainer, my shit" - where's the crediting to all those you've got the inspiration from? if you can't do it, at least avoid the fucking "my"). Stick to your "high-level programming" crap and preach it someplace else.

"Congratulations, you discovered that we had to edit the game file so that it could run, as attempts to do things live in memory are not fast enough and it takes a moment for Denuvo to do 'it's thing'. I did not modify or create a workaround using directx old .dll method, but the result is the same. The file is being modified either on disk or in memory to cancel out the three things that prevent CE and .text modifications of the trainer."

You really are a fucking retard. Why? Simple. First-up, there's no "old method". There's the method of proxying a system DLL, as Windows looks for any system DLLs the game uses (check the IAT) in THE GAME FOLDER FIRST. If the game uses say version.dll, it will first check if this DLL is in the location where the .exe is. If found, it loads-it up via LoadLibrary. The reason you'd reference the exports and fix them in your lib (via loading the original system32 .dll yourself) is so then the game uses your DLL, you do your thing, and whenever some exported function from the original is required to be run, this happens: call [my_version_dll_export] -> jmp [my_version_dll_export] -> jmp [original_version_dll_export] -> run original_version_dll_export. Hence the need to fix exports.

Then what timing issues? And what "Denuvo has to do its ('it's' means 'it is' - legit illiteracy) own thing"? You are retarded in that sense as well. The proxy DLL is "run" the moment you run the .exe. Since you can easily patch the physical file, you don't need any "timing"-related crap, as there's no Denuvo unpacking involved. The .exe is not packed. So be it my DLL or your "launcher" (patcher), yes, the result is the same. Stop trying to belittle another's methods, when you know there are NO DENUVO TIMING ISSUES. Bottom line here was YOU PREACHED NOT TO TOUCH GAME FILES in the past. You just ADMITTED YOU DO. Suck it.

Lastly, you want to lie to the public about "Denuvo timing issues", when your major problem - which explains why you made a FILE PATCHER - is you don't know how to handle in-memory patches in MULTIPLE spawned processes. That's right. Steam launches the game twice: first time to create the handshake with Steam (then kills the process), then the second time to actually log in and let the game run normally. And since you can't catch the 2nd process to properly "attach" and patch it in memory, you did the only thing you're capable of: a mere file patcher. What happens when Nether decides to use packing? Will you write a "launcher" (patcher) again? Let's wait and see T_T.

As far as pompously claiming "No DRM was harmed at all in the process", you fucks know how to pull this marketing stunt as well. My major concern is people give a rat's ass on detailed explanations, but do raise an eye-brow if they hear "DRM was modified". My other major concern is you're preaching stupid content to create a trend here. And that is: whenever you see ASM you can't fathom the normal purpose of, in terms of looks, you instantly go "this is DRM, this is Denuvo code". Tell you what, go to, download the VMProtect demo, write a simple MessageBox app and use VMProtect on it. Use just MUTATION on the single function you got there. Then look at the original and protected in x64dbg, see how the ASM looks like. Spaghetti code in your protected one, right? Intelligible, but not quite fast, as opposed to your original code. Well.. that's mutation. That is NOT DRM! So.. me patching the thread creation in MK11, as in modifying what you gathered to be "Denuvo code, so you're modifying DRM" is not what it is. But you seem to enjoy lying to the public. That's Nether code, mutate via Denuvo (like I said, they use mutation markers to denote the functions the protection should envelope).

So once and for all.. stop with the idiotic "no DRM was harmed". None of us here is CRACKING games (that's what DRM represents; read up on that as well). We're doing trainers.

Yet another lesson from SunBeam T_T Am getting tired of teaching you stuff through these disputes... How about you properly get documented on the shit you say next time around? It's either that or.. "I am not sure why you chose the spot you chose or whatever, as it seems random". And you seem to say a lot of that when you just wanna act smart, pompous, but without a proper explanation on what's going on. Thanks!

"I am screenshotting that you are once again taking our work and disassembling it and then posting things about it here."

That's PWizard right there. It's common knowledge by now he collects dirt on people to blackmail or threaten them later. Nothing new. Do your best. Screenshot this as well.

"I have no interest in going further on this, as it won't matter anyways, and I honestly have given up trying to be cordial or have a relationship with people here. It's bash me or CH all the time, every time."

Behind all that nice wording, your ATTITUDE didn't change. You can't be cordial in just the text part. So eat up once more.

"I DO have a ton of work, and while you are still dinking with this one game, I've been doing 100 other things" - - OK, OK, fuck off now and stop posting, since you're busy and, like you said, you don't care anymore? Peace.

Bottom line, after all this shit:
  • you never said "thank you kind community for allowing me to monitor shit without the need for an account" - that's right, you don't need an account here at FRF to read or download stuff
  • you're proving you don't know what you patched in the checksum function; and using a subterfuge to point out I'm the one not knowing, while at the same time saying "I don't know why you did what you did" - - proving a second time and enforcing YOU DON'T KNOW; here, a bone to learn how I did it and WHY, most importantly

I jumped from function's prologue to that area like this:

Code: Select all

00000001409D8810 | 48:8BC4                                | MOV RAX,RSP                                                       | // prologue
00000001409D8813 | 48:8948 08                             | MOV QWORD PTR DS:[RAX+8],RCX                                      |
00000001409D8817 | 55                                     | PUSH RBP                                                          |
00000001409D8818 | 53                                     | PUSH RBX                                                          |
00000001409D8819 | 56                                     | PUSH RSI                                                          |
00000001409D881A | 57                                     | PUSH RDI                                                          |
00000001409D885A | FF15 70CE9F01                          | CALL QWORD PTR DS:[1423D56D0]                                     |
00000001409D8860 | 45:0F57C9                              | XORPS XMM9,XMM9                                                   | // JMP here, right after the API call
00000001409D8864 | F24C:0F2A8D 08010000                   | CVTSI2SD XMM9,QWORD PTR SS:[RBP+108]                              |
00000001409DA826 | 0F57C0                                 | XORPS XMM0,XMM0                                                   | // to here, skipping all CRC32 checks
00000001409DA829 | F248:0F2A85 00010000                   | CVTSI2SD XMM0,QWORD PTR SS:[RBP+100]                              |
00000001409DA832 | F2:0F5905 2ECB8B02                     | MULSD XMM0,QWORD PTR DS:[143297368]                               |
00000001409DA83A | F2:0F1105 D6098002                     | MOVSD QWORD PTR DS:[1431DB218],XMM0                               |
00000001409DA842 | 0FB605 E8CB9002                        | MOVZX EAX,BYTE PTR DS:[1432E7431]                                 |
00000001409DA849 | 84DB                                   | TEST BL,BL                                                        |
00000001409DA84B | B9 01000000                            | MOV ECX,1                                                         |
00000001409DA850 | 0F44C1                                 | CMOVE EAX,ECX                                                     |
00000001409DA853 | 8805 D8CB9002                          | MOV BYTE PTR DS:[1432E7431],AL                                    |
00000001409DA859 | 48:8B9D 20040000                       | MOV RBX,QWORD PTR SS:[RBP+420]                                    |
00000001409DA860 | 8B53 08                                | MOV EDX,DWORD PTR DS:[RBX+8]                                      |
00000001409DA863 | 83FA 0A                                | CMP EDX,A                                                         | A:'\n'
00000001409DA866 | 7D 10                                  | JGE mk11_v1.2.1409DA878                                           |
00000001409DA868 | B9 0A000000                            | MOV ECX,A                                                         | A:'\n'
Since the API adjusts the timing, no need for any crap. Plus now the function is running as its 1.0 equivalent did, without any extra checks and shit. Get it now why I did what I did? Fuck off, thanks.
  • you've not changed your attitude and take advantage every single time telling the world what you do, how much you do of it and how we suck, CH is king; what you don't get is marketing is also about QUALITY and ATTITUDE; all those people who've been silenced, banned or left CH on their own would tell you that, given each of them have been hurt in an area you seem not to be interested in (customer satisfaction is a commodity when it comes to customer support)
  • when you do get the time to, read-up on proxy DLLs; it's a fast and convenient way to get your shit into a game without the need to write separate launchers/patchers; Windows loads standard OS libraries from game folder first, then, if DLL fails loading, loads the system32 originals; if your DLL succeeds in loading the original, then Windows doesn't need to do it for you and all's dandy; that's why it's called a fucking PROXY (yet another teaching lesson from Sun); old method, my ass - - methods know no age, you fucking retard; read the bullet above, yet another way of you saying I use old shit, while you're in 2019; yet the old shit I used got the job done way before your "launcher", so suck it again
  • if the proxy dll method is so old, the moment I see you use it, I'll be on your fucking ass; you're free to use whichever crap you want, but for the love of God, stop bitching when others do before you, belittling you or anything, OK? It makes you look like a fucking asshole saying "this method is old", then using it later on...
  • and lastly, CH is using public shit without proper crediting and "stealing" stuff (if not direct portions of code or hook spots, then inspiration); I never heard you once admit it (no, shit like "we all do it every now and them" is not "I do it"; so hiding behind the public is no admission of own practices), yet you seem to imply that by mentioning others doing it from the shit you post; it's always others stealing from you, never "I do it too"; it's like you're struggling not to get caught red-handed, cuz then.. well.. screenshots, right? ;)
"Have a nice day irregardless,

Who said I can't be cordial? "Have a fucking not-nice day as well, Sun"

Re: Mortal Kombat 11 - table v: 1.0.6 CT

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 8:53 pm
by STN
CaliberCHResponder wrote:
Fri Jun 07, 2019 6:47 pm
I mean just putting the website name here it auto changes to fearless. Congratulations.
That's me. CH site has similar censorship so i don't know why you're complaining. At least, here you can argue and present your side.

I was looking forward to your response to Sunbeam's wall of text. He does have a point, who can forget the FC5 drama and how you looked condescendingly upon us for modifying game files :?

By the way, be careful about your comments against Chinese. Remember what happened last time? :mrgreen:

Re: Mortal Kombat 11 - table v: 1.0.6 CT

Posted: Sat Jun 08, 2019 1:11 am
by TheyCallMeTim13
CaliberCHResponder wrote:
Wed Jun 05, 2019 11:37 pm
... your ballsack holder Tim:
HEY IT'S, SIR. BALL SACK HOLDER; show some respect.

But seriously, I think you need a GF/BF. I bet someone would enjoy holding your ballsack, but being hateful tends to be a turn off for most people.

Re: Mortal Kombat 11 - table v: 1.0.6 CT

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 8:16 pm
by BooBoo
STN wrote:
Fri Jun 07, 2019 8:53 pm

I was looking forward to your response to Sunbeam's wall of text.
Me 2, I had my popcorn ready and everything :mrgreen: .

Re: Mortal Kombat 11 - table v: 1.0.6 CT

Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 9:42 am
by SunBeam
CaliberCHResponder wrote:
Fri Jun 07, 2019 6:47 pm
The loader had zero links and zero info about my website. You took it down because, just like I said already, you are an asshole, and once again you manipulate everything then delete or change things to fit your anti CH narrative. I DONT CARE. I didn't even read your entire post, because it doesn't matter. I posted that launcher out of good will and due to people asking me for it here. Maybe a few of them got use out of it. Now they are forced to use yours. I mean just putting the website name here it auto changes to fearless. Congratulations.

I read a little and will respond to you, but this has gotten off topic and honestly, I am not interested in going back and forth with people who once again, remove my stuff, twist my posts, rewrite history, rewrite what I say, slant things to fit their narrative or to make things look the worst for CH. You have that power here as a MOD, just like in China the internet gives the citizens what the Chinese authority says they can get, in whatever way they want it presented.

I finish the rest in a personal PM to you, including a reminder as to why you were banned at CH, as it's not on topic.

Let me tell you a few things you didn't even bother checking out. Why would you? It's not like SunBeam is someone important to check with your boss. Also, why even bother? I was just another user on CH forum and we ALL KNOW how busy you are with work and everything. You don't let us forget with almost every single post you create here.

I registered on CH years ago (2008 or so if I recall). I then purchased Premium like any other user supporting YOUR work (not PWizard's site). I did use YOUR trainers across the years whenever I wanted a quick hack and just to play my game. I then got tired of gaming and moved to RE. That's when I got part of a team, TEAM RESURRECTiON. And you know what we did. It was until later when a certain team member started targeting CH trainers and posting them for the public audience for free that you basically started a beef with me. And since you applied the same smug attitude even back then and now you're trying to make those times forgotten, like it never happened, let me remind you of the various emails we exchanged where you asked me not to make public the core of your trainer authentication and how I was able to impersonate any Premium user on your site (remember the ban wave and people complaining they got their accounts removed for not doing anything?). Cuz that's what you did back then: ban people who "leaked" trainers. Served you well, if you ask me, to be taught a lesson.

That's when the "mind this idiot SunBeam" drive started. Later on, when I pointed out obvious things or bugs, PWizard decided to do what? Hellban me. What does "hellban" mean (maybe people here don't know): modifying user privileges to only "read" (you cannot write anything anymore, no replies, no new posts). When you tried to, you got this: "Error 404". I mean the feature is so mischievous that tricks you into thinking their site is down or page doesn't load. Of course YOU still don't mention that aspect and go directly to banning. Well, mister, you didn't get the same treatment here and we let you post your hear out, with all the propaganda and self-centered speeches. Up until it became obvious to us you're here only to advertise CH. It doesn't matter if your shit has CH in it or a link, it's posted by you, it's taken down. Simple. Deal with it.

And to finish off - I was banned and emailed by PWizard that he would give me my money back but CH doesn't want me in their Database anymore YEARS later from what I mentioned above. That's the whole story, chronologically.

Like I repeated many times, you didn't even bother checking with PWizard on my situation or if you did, it didn't mean anything to you. Which makes sense even more now, when you mention just that ban.. and not the whole history we've had.

Lastly, while you brag training 298173982179 games, thinking you get a ton shit of experience training as many games as possible, you're proving the exact opposite when bitching you don't have time, you're swamped in work and so on. You're doing the exact same thing, just exponential now, since the beginning of CH: scan memory, debug (read/write), hook, option. Repeat. And that is something I got tired of easily and fast. Looks like you're there too, but since this is WORK for you, you can't bitch about it. While you're so HAPPY with your job, I have the time to actually STUDY an engine or devise methods, thing I do for fun and not competing against others.. that in the end gets to benefit who, I hear? You and other table/trainer makers. What do I get in return? (it's not like I want something in return). Egotistical disapproval.

Let me put it this way: YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME to devise methods, to study engines. YOU DO NOT HAVE TIME to do what I do. I did so many times what you're doing now. That's the difference between us. I never saw a single software crack from your end ever. Reason I'm mentioning this: you can't expect me to believe and admire you when all you've done in your life comes from just gamehacking.

Long story short, the only thing we (I) appreciate about you is consistency and volume. That's about it. But heh, to me, being first and fast, while lacking in other areas, is not sufficient.

Leaving you with the title of this song:


Re: Mortal Kombat 11 launcher by CH

Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:05 pm
by SunBeam
Listen up, fuckwad. Learn the difference between MOD and ADMIN. STN told you why WE deleted your shit, your patcher and so on. Wanna be resentful, go someplace else. This is a CH-free community. Period.

P.S.1: Like I said you would, you 'advertised' once more you patcher + you told us once more how busy you are. So go be busy. And please, for the love of God, stop with the "I don't care". That wall of fucking text SHOWS YOU CARE. And you're telling me to grow up... Desperate much?

P.S.2: It's not nice to be paid with the same coin, is it? You're acting all ignorant and shit. STN told you: you're now applied the same treatment CH applies to those you consider not deemed for your community. Well, fucking guess what, we think alike now in this regard. Enjoy "not caring".

Re: Mortal Kombat 11 launcher by CH

Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:28 pm
by SunBeam
Like many other things you're misjudging me for, I believe you just don't really realize I'm glued to FRF. "Toxic" or not, you're only seeing the beef that interests you, while others here really benefit from the OTHER side of me. The fact that you don't irks you to even says stupid things like "I don't care", yet you keep on posting and maintaining this discussion of ours. I'm somewhat your Joker (if you've really seen Nolan's Batman series). You don't exist without me calling you out in some dispute. And you like it :) Wanna twist more, sure, let's go psychology 101 path.

a) I never defend myself against the name calling I use. Everyone here knows I speak my mind, which is what STN appreciates me for. Have a problem with "fuckwad", go seek professional assistance. That world you live in has these words in. It's even in a dictionary. Ah, that YOU can't eat it, that's another topic.

b) That out of the way, since my skills go beyond RE and gamehacking, do you think I don't know how many PMs you got regarding MK11? Stop spreading shit.

c) All you do is come here and post CH stuff when appropriate and TRY various things to see how much shit you can get out of me for your petty screenshots. That's how reverse psychology works.

d) Sure, let's drag fearlessrevolution name into this, cuz.. right? ;) Read above. You're still TRYING.

e) Considering this long-time beef, do you really expect me to believe you ADMIRE me and APPRECIATE me (words you use in your PM, which you copy-pasted publicly) and do you think I really believe you actually CARE when I said the same things to you? "Mmm, yeah, but I still have some more shit to post" - - which basically invalidates all of the admiration and nice talk. I would appreciate it if you were able to write 3 paragraphs that you actually mean, that aren't about yourself, your work, myself, my work, but about how much you value the internet community and are willing to contribute.

Wanna be on my good side, start contributing with non-CH-branded shit (you have the patcher's source, compile it without any CH in it and post it as a simple patcher aimed to help people bypass MK11). And "Caliber" should suffice, rather than "CaliberCH". You don't see me around with "SunBeamFRF". Yeah, it'll have to do, as we make the rules here concerning yourself. Remember what I said earlier, I appreciate YOUR work, not CH as a whole. Don't like that, fine by me. You're just proving more the purpose of your presence here.

^ Hope that's 'grown up' enough for you.

Re: Mortal Kombat 11 launcher by CH

Posted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 9:49 pm
by SunBeam
Since we're sharing old artifacts, either publicly or over PMs, here:


Your non-boss clearly states CH doesn't condone "replacing game files". What does your MK11 patcher do, I hear? Hey, the timestamp's changed. So is the MD5. I wonder why :| Glad I kept that screenshot. Eat your words now.

Re: Mortal Kombat 11 launcher by CH

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 1:04 am
by STN
CaliberCHResponder wrote:
Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:02 pm
I can't do anything about what YOU do here, or what STN allows or doesn't allow MODS to do, which is obvious.

For the record, STN, I tried to do all this with PM's and not muddy up this thread. I've actually posted useful content here (which has been deleted on purpose in the past). I am not a MOD, obviously, and I SINCERELY tried to respond in as nice a way as I could.
I try to meddle in when i feel like it's needed but this is between you and Sunbeam and you two need to sort it out. I don't think he's doing anything wrong here, you posted a patcher, i liked it, however Sunbeam thinks it should be without any branding then so be it. It's not an unfair condition, would Chris allow Sunbeam to post his contributions on CH? My guess is no.

I don't know why you're acting surprised about being dragged into this. This all goes back to the FC5 drama. You and Chris made a big deal about the "idiot SB" modifying game files while you don't. Look what you've done here with Mk11. You can't expect history to just disappear.

Re: Mortal Kombat 11 launcher by CH

Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2019 1:36 am
by SunBeam
Case and point.

Meanwhile, I got an appetite for another video, remembering how the fucker gloated CH was the first to have discovered a fucking command-line. Then bitching all over the place it was their method everyone else stole. Here you go, demonstrating how the "discovery" process is done: viewtopic.php?p=94601.


Re: Mortal Kombat 11 launcher by CH

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 6:51 pm
by STN
CaliberCHResponder wrote:
Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:58 pm
take note that we haven't publicly posted any documents detailing how fearlessrevolution app works, how to bypass the login, or how you can access all the scripts, etc. anywhere. Probably would be harmful to do that, I mean you guys wouldn't like that information getting around, would you? Well you can understand why an individual would be banned from our site if they did that. Let's get real here.
I honestly don't know how fearlessrevolution would react to that. But if i was in power, i would probably want to know how you did all that and can make it better. Happened to my deviated site, the whole site was compromised and i actually ended up becoming good friends with Radex who did it.

But yeah, i get your point. I guess we all react differently to things.

Re: Mortal Kombat 11 launcher by CH

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:29 am
by SunBeam
For the nth time.. I did not get banned at CH for disclosing trainer engine or site related information. You're just fucking sugar coating it now. The public eyes knew nothing about what we talked by mail, privately, till you felt it was safe or realized there was some kind of bluff going on. That's when the word spread out that we had these kinds of talks.

I got banned cuz of a multitude of things. Mainly cuz you people can't accept someone calling you out on the shit you make public in your site as being imperfect. Any chance I got to point out stuff that was off, you saw it as me having something against CH. If you censor people on your site, of course you get frowned upon and eventually hate appears.

Furthermore, like I said repeatedly, if you build a business with public knowledge anyone has access to, don't fucking act like you trademarked it. Anyone can code, anyone can reverse engineer, anyone can debug. The difference between me and 'anyone' is the 1st and 2nd paragraphs. Give a man motive to hate you, he will act accordingly. And I'm the stubborn fucker who won't let go, right?... (you repeatedly said I pot banned for the most plausible reason to you that would have a somewhat demeaning effect to the public eye; and that's why I asked repeatedly you really check with Chris, rather than acting like you did and posting nonsensical shit)

Re: Mortal Kombat 11 launcher by CH

Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 9:49 pm
by SunBeam
I've uploaded it to imgur, as the link you provided above doesn't load at all for me. Got the pic through other means.


What I kindly ask you to do is edit your post and clearly explain what "ripping" means. To the gamehacking community, "a ripper" is a person who copies the operational content of a trainer and puts it in their own work, claiming it's theirs. In the context you specified, me ripping some shit from CH has nothing to do with that term. So let's be clear here what I actually did that is called "ripping". And I want actual proof that it was I the person posting 'ripped' (you mean CH trainers free of the "DRM" and all that embedded information CH has been using to check up on a trainer some user downloads from the site) trainers.

Like I said, when you find someone with a grudge on CH, the moment that person reveals that aspect, Chris will instantly fire up and ignore all fucking reasoning. His email above clearly states he has forgotten who exactly was the ripper here (someone in RES team) and is pinning it on me. Very easy to enumerate a ton of reasons to keep me guilty of things I didn't do.

If he speaks of me by association with a team I was part of doing cracks/reversing, just cuz CH became a target at the time, then why am I not allowed to think of you, Caliber, through association with CH? Why do you always say "leave me out" when you're associated with CH? Want to be left alone - then fucking use reason when it comes to pointing fingers.

The way I see it now, you still stick to what Chris has to say; even more, you re-emphasized in your text under that picture link what you think of me and tried to interpret, without actual facts, what Chris said in that email. Well, if I'm that important to you guys to be handled seriously, then please, enough with the charade and let's each of us remain at what we think of one another. Better this way; as I recall, I was fine in this state. You were the one bitching I am bashing you.

Thanks for letting me know, by the way, CH still thinks those of me. You want change coming from my part? Well.. It can't be unilateral. Really now.

As far as his statements:
  • everyone knows I am an asshole, no secret in that
  • the "tools" I designed: a Lua script that hooks WriteProcessMemory; in ANYTHING; ah, that it also does it in CH trainers, that's something else; timeline-wise, when was this tool created? back when I was "banned" at CH or somewhat recently? thanks
  • "I hate him": duly noted
  • "no reason to be at our site": so my money is not the same as other people's money; good to know; of course, who am I to teach Chris that every penny counts (I mean, look where you are now, on which forum, debating with which user to let you still advertise CH in some form of another)
  • the last part is self-explanatory: "I don't know the shit you do, that's why I'm speaking my mind generally and without interest on the persona or what he actually does; I hate his guts, so in my eyes, it's like how I said it; not how it actually really is; of course, I'm not interested in the reality when it comes to him" - - how much does Chris know about trainer making or reversing? (rhetorical)