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NBA 2K19 - Change overall \ My Points hack

Posted: Fri Feb 15, 2019 8:19 pm
by OmerXD
I have seen a lot of Chinese players changing their overall to 98.
By a quick check in the 2k phone viewing their real overall is 60 or something.

It's true that you can change your attribute values with Limnono Modifier, or with Cheat Engine, but your overall number won't change.

According to what iv'e said in the beginning, it is possible to do it, to actually change your overall, well, maybe it won't appear on the phone but it will appear in the park, that you are a 98 overall player.

I have did a lot of searching, but can't find the way to do it, to change my overall in a way that other player's will see me as a higher overall player,
I do believe it is not a My Points hack,

But i have this theory, with Limmono Modifier you can speed run MyCarrer games, and you can set your grade to A+,
Which mean's that every 1-2 minute's you would be able to get 6200 - 12k My points,
If they have some kind of macro that running that thing - all day',
This is the way, but since it is fast method to getting also VC, and not only MyPoints, i suppose i will get banned really quick using that method,

Maybe there is a way to change the amount of MyPoints you getting at the end of a game, IDK

Doe's someone have any clue about that quick overall change, straight from 60 overall to 98, that is visable to anyone in the park?