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Posting Guidelines

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  • When you post a table to a request thread, make a new topic in tables section instead. If you feel your table doesn't meet the request requirements, either post it in existing table thread if one exists or make a new one anyway.
  • Write descriptive posts - At the very least, just list the cheats available in the table but ideally, spend some effort into it and give as much information about your table/cheats as you can.
  • PLEASE REMOVE dissect data structures and keep the cheat table sizes small.
    We are on a very limited SSD space and there's no reason tables should be this big with useless structure data.
    It's fine if your table is just big but if you can reduce the size, please do.
  • Do not post the actual tables xml/scripts into posts as code instead upload it as CT.
    This just increases database size making it a mess to maintain it and many users don't know what to do with it also.
These aren't really rules but please follow them to keep the forum clean and sustainable.

In case you forgot,

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