Cheat Engine Disable/Reset Script

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Cheat Engine Disable/Reset Script

Post by CyanPickles »

Does anyone know how to disable/reset a script? I downloaded a cheat engine for The Surge and there is a "One Hit Kill" script so I tried using it but when I checked my game, the reason I was doing 1 Hit Kill was basically ALL of my WEAPONS have insanely increased up to 6K which I guess it does the work but the problem is I can not disable it nor reset it. I have tried restarting the game, tried to suicide my character but still no good on resetting this script.
Now the 6k damage is permanent :/
(The normal damage of my weapon does not even reach 100, somewhere like 50-70ish).

I would really appreciate any help, I'm on the last area of the game that's why I don't want to make new character because I'm doing a 100% run.

Here's the script:

Code: Select all

{ Game : TheSurge.exe
Date : 2017-11-04
Author : Kalas

This script does blah blah blah


// 314 -- (float)1 -- Player
// 314 -- (float)0 -- Enemy

aobscanmodule(_SharedHealth,TheSurge.exe,F3 0F 11 89 B0 00 00 00 A9)


cmp [rcx+314], (float)1 // Player
je HeroCheck
jmp @f

mov [rcx+000000B0],(float)0
jmp return

movss [rcx+000000B0],xmm1
jmp return

movss [rcx+000000B0],xmm1
jmp return

jmp newmem


db F3 0F 11 89 B0 00 00 00



"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D3E: 48 8B D9 - mov rbx,rcx
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D41: 0F 2F C1 - comiss xmm0,xmm1
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D44: F3 0F 10 B1 B0 00 00 00 - movss xmm6,[rcx+000000B0]
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D4C: 72 0D - jb TheSurge.exe+2A0D5B
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D4E: 0F 2F C2 - comiss xmm0,xmm2
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D51: 76 05 - jna TheSurge.exe+2A0D58
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D53: 0F 28 CA - movaps xmm1,xmm2
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D56: EB 03 - jmp TheSurge.exe+2A0D5B
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D58: 0F 28 C8 - movaps xmm1,xmm0
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D5B: 8B 81 20 01 00 00 - mov eax,[rcx+00000120]
// ---------- INJECTING HERE ----------
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D61: F3 0F 11 89 B0 00 00 00 - movss [rcx+000000B0],xmm1
// ---------- DONE INJECTING ----------
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D69: A9 00 80 00 00 - test eax,00008000
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D6E: 76 2B - jna TheSurge.exe+2A0D9B
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D70: 0F 2F F1 - comiss xmm6,xmm1
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D73: 76 26 - jna TheSurge.exe+2A0D9B
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D75: F3 0F 10 05 9B 44 76 00 - movss xmm0,[TheSurge.exe+A05218]
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D7D: 0F 2F D0 - comiss xmm2,xmm0
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D80: 77 14 - ja TheSurge.exe+2A0D96
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D82: A9 00 00 02 00 - test eax,00020000
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D87: 76 0A - jna TheSurge.exe+2A0D93
"TheSurge.exe"+2A0D89: 0F BA F0 0F - btr eax,0F
Can anyone point out why disable/resetting is not working?

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Re: Cheat Engine Disable/Reset Script

Post by TheyCallMeTim13 »

If the notes are right, then it does nothing for the player, and zeros all other values at +0xB0. So it sounds like the problem would be in another script, or this script effects other values. Best thing would probably be to check with the table creator or at least in the table topic to see if any one with the game has any ideas.

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