Rasism regarding Romania

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Rasism regarding Romania

Post by VampTY »

Regarding [Link] and please use some google translate.

Ok, my boyfriend showed this to me, i laughed and i was mad on how in the world is this :

- ok, so the referee was never about rasism, here's why!

I'm romanian, so "black" in romanian is "negru" so there's quite some similarities when you'll say the word.
My t-shirst is black - in english
Tricoul meu este negru - in romanian

alb = white
negru = black

A black man = Un om negru/Un negru
Two black men = Doi oameni negri/Doi negri

I do agree that he had to use the terms "black man", but yet again there's no rasism, just fucking idiots..in our language, in romanian, when you say in english/american "black man" in our language we'll translate it in "om de culoare" or "om negru" none other than "Boogeyman" or "Bau-bau".

For rasism the term used is "cioroi/cioară" also addressed to "gypsies", but "cioară" is "crow" [the crow is black and from that...] so , there was no rasism..feel free to ban me, i just had to say these words, so think before acting!


I brought a black man into the house - in EN
Am adus un negru in casă. - in RO

PS: i'm not rasist, i'm saying that the referee is very stupid, i've read a cool articol about Botswana, so, imagine, some local from there in our country ordering a car with their local money that is "pula".

In our language is very offending, "pula" or "pule "is "cock/coks" or "dick/dicks" ..so that would be like "How many dicks i can give you to get this car"? But, hey, we are smart people, we search before, then ask later!So, how wouldn't that be offending to us?

For fuck sake i have black people where i work.

Negru = for male, meaning "black man"
Negresă = for woman, meaning "black woman"

So wtf....i don't see all this hate, for our country, we're smart, only gypsies stains our image!

PS: in hungarian, the word "puszi" or in english "pussy" is pronounced the same, just with different meanings, in hungarian is "kiss" while in english is what it is. So, when you'll say "pussy, pussy..or i'll kive a puss, or pussy" is all about kissing, so, this is all i'm saying, smart people always think before acting, that was just an example...there's way more words with different meaning in different languages, some that for us mean nothing, but for others is just obscene!

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