My game recommendations.

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My game recommendations.

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This thread is dedicated to specific niches. I played many games and would like to give some feedback and hopefully help some one with my recommendation.

First game I recommend for financial sector is Wall street Raider is a great game on investing that would give a certain idea how companies work, and how some hedge funds manager function active, passive ect, ect..

and is bit different form day trader.

Capitalism lab a business simulator picking up where Capitalism 2 left since today economy has gotten more financialized and many things changed how the markets works with outsourcing and so on.
You can micromanage your businesses, factories, malls, employ different marketing methods, expand in media businesses, your decision affect the economy an vice versa, you can employ different strategies to deal with current macro polices employed by economist. Its also expands in management of real state.

Second geopolitical simulator renamed Power & Revolution is great economic game despite the name yes is also political but economic wise you can make macro economic polices and also even some micro to help different sectors. It has also military management, geopolitics ect.

Arma 3. This is one of the best military simulator hand down.

Project Cars 2 and Automobilista 2 are really good driving simulators.

Field of Glory Empires is the best strategy/sim game that is underrated for that era IMO. Not only is better than Imperator Rome and and has far more options for economic, military management, geopolitics but also you can export battles Field of Glory II where actually you can view and have far more control.

Will update it further.
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