how to remove artificial delays?

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how to remove artificial delays?

Post by MoziM »

A delay when a game is booting up or loading a level is understandable because the game needs to be loaded from storage into memory and execute.

A delay when you right click your desktop in windows 10? Completely pointless.

Then there's Ace Combat 7, one of the most fun games I've played in years and one of the most annoying games I've ever played regarding artificial delays.

Here's a list of delays I can think of.

1. Each time you switch menu items 1 second
2. Each time you select a menu item 1 second
3. Each time you unlock an item 3 seconds
4. Each time you die 5 seconds
5. Each time you skip a cutscene or the menu screen changes at all 2.5 seconds

Here are the steps in going from the game menu to an actual level.

I press enter, select campaign, select free mission, select mission 19, skip the cutscene (also a delay after you press F1), select my aircraft, select my special weapon, select sortie, and finally skip the cutscene, this takes almost 20 seconds.

The level loads in less than 2 seconds...

This really started getting on my nerves when I had began modding the game shaders, which required me to restart the game fairly often to verify changes.

I know how to make a cheat table to get the health, ammo, position, etc.... but I have no idea how to do this or how difficult it is.

Would love some insight for this problem.

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Re: how to remove artificial delays?

Post by SunBeam »

According to Wiki ([Link]), the game was created with Unreal Engine 4. You really should read more than just story-tell us your user experience. It's not always about what you observe, but also requires some involvement from your part. The "artificial delays" might also be caused by your specifications; you've not told us what CPU and GFX card you own. SSD or HDD? Those matter.

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