Hi I'm kind of new here but I have some special talents

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What is cheating?
What is cheating?
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Hi I'm kind of new here but I have some special talents

Post by Cirno »

People say I have gifted talents it is true I am a fast quick learner who basically knows how to change game data with CE to make it perm so anyways I came across this game called Shanghai.EXE I searched up CE tables for the game Shanghai.exe is a touhou themed megaman game that is similar to battle network the game functions just like the original so anyways I was testing my skills on hacking Shanghai.exe I know that Zenny can be easily changed along with the few other things I found out how to add and modify the addon manager in Navi settings to the point where when you save the game file the changes will be perm I figured out how to make better use of my discover on this touhou fan game it will take a while to make tables I tend to do more research through trial and error and continue making progress .

This my first ever attempt and I making progress by learning

I'm making progress so far it is only a slow pace this is my first ever successful try on this game I did the following modifications :

Changed the amount of Zenny shown in game
Managed to figure out how to end Navi bosses HP and reduce it to zero for a fast victory (Can only be done on 2nd and 3rd turn )
Discovered a way to alter Navi addon data by allowing more addons to be added but is trying to make it so that all the addons can be added in one go I have a long way to go but is making progress this my first try on this game the first ever try without people giving me methods I learned it all by myself so soon this game will have a table soon I just need time .
I found a way to make Navi semi god mode but it requires Navi to take damage to find the correct value to the point where being hit multiple times will not result in game over but rather a god mode Navi whose HP resets to full health it is great when dealing with hard to beat bosses and when + 50 to + 150 chips are used up this will serve as back up .

I am trying to figure out how to freeze time since this game has six forms where the navi has to reach the requirements to get them and it is hard reaching conditions


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Re: Hi I'm kind of new here but I have some special talents

Post by Geordan9 »

Cirno wrote:
Thu Jul 16, 2020 3:55 am
People say I have gifted talents it is true I am a fast quick learner ...

I am trying to figure out how to freeze time...

Well I took a look and the battle time takes up 4 bytes of space and it looks like the time is measured by minutes:seconds:frames from what you see at the end of the battle. Each of these taking up a byte. I haven't checked if the 4th byte is used. If I'm correct, the game runs at 60 fps and the game increments the frame time measurement each frame and, once it reaches 60, it increments the seconds and so on. If the game doesn't run at that frame rate, I saw there were two different instructions that can increment it, but, regardless, the game is checking if the "frames" byte is 60. Since you can't see the time during the battle, I can see why it'd be tedious. You can simply just search an unknown value, and then scan for increased and unchanged depending on what you're doing like waiting or pausing. The address is dynamic so when you finish the battle, your current scan would be meaningless. So it's mainly trial and error, at least that's how I went about it.

Here is a table I made with a couple scripts and a few battle related values mapped out. You can probably use this as reference for further development:

Change my "Battle Data" to "Game Data" since the pointer was generally used.
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Since I didn't look too deep into it, the labels I used for each pointer could be wrong so, if you plan to use them as reference, double check them and, if need be, come up with a better description.

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